Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Mark Hill MiracOILous hair mask

Hey guys! How are you all doing today? Welcome to my first post of 2016! Today, I'll be talking about the Mark Hill MiracOILous hydrating hair mask. I'm the type of person who only buys hair masks once in a while, so I haven't really found a hair mask I really love yet, so if you guys know of any great hair masks, let me know below! The Mark Hill MiracOILous hair mask is a two minute treatment for hair in need of some TLC and for dry hair. I use this mask once a week after shampooing, apply it from my roots to the ends, and leave it in while I shower. The mask says that you can leave it in longer than 10 minutes, the longer the better. You can even leave it in overnight if you wish! 

The key ingredients in this hair mask are: Moroccan Argan Oil-  moisturises and hydrates hair, tames frizz and flyaways. Promotes hair growth. Softens hair. Adds shine to the hair. Ylang Ylang- Balances oil production and stimulates hair growth. Soothes the scalp. Bergamot- Adds shine to the hair. Patchouli-  Soothes the scalp. 

This hair mask promises to: Replenish moisture loss and to infuse protein back into the hair, leaving the hair softer and shinier than ever. The first thing I noticed about using this hair mask is how well it detangled my long hair! My hair does feel softer and easier to manage. However, this hair mask leaves so much build up when I use it. It also weighed my hair down, making it feel heavy and lank at the roots. It doesn't make my hair too shiny, either. The scent is really lovely and sweet, and I adore the packaging and the colours!
The Mark Hill MiracOILous Hydrating hair mask costs €7.49 at Boots. I give it a 4/10. I won't be repurchasing this hair mask again. I really didn't like how much build up it left and how much it weighed down my hair! I'll be returning to the safe Aussie masks until I find a hair mask I really love! 
Have you ever tried this hair mask before? What were your thoughts? Let me know below! 
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