Monday, 28 December 2015

Mermaids VS Unicorns palette!

Hey guys! How are you all doing? How is your Christmas going? I hope you are all having a wonderful, happy and peaceful Christmas filled with family, friends, food and presents! Today, I'll be talking about the Mermaids VS Unicorns eyeshadow palette from Make-Up Revolution. I was so delighted to see a chemist in my crappy little town started to sell Make-Up Revolution products! Albeit, a small stall, I'm hoping they'll expand over time. I had to pick up the Mermaids VS Unicorns eyeshadow palette. I love this palette because of it's longevity, high quality pigmentation and vibrant, versatile shades. I think if I can get along and work well with this palette, I could justify spending on the Urban Decay Spectrum palette, so let's get into it!

Having been so impressed with their Iconic 3 palette, a wonderful palette, I knew I would be equally as impressed with the Mermaids VS Unicorns palette. For the price that I paid for this palette, you would expect the shadows to be chalky and cheap feeling. The packaging is pretty standard, in a plastic black case with a transparent window. 

The shades in the Mermaids VS Unicorns palette are stunning, and wonderful to play around with for a fun and different look, if you're fed up with rocking a nude/copper shade (Which we all are from time to time, let's be honest). The shades ranges from sea inspired greens and blues, to darker pink and purple shades, with a dark black glittery shade at the end. The texture of these shadows are so soft and buttery. The shadow sizes are so generous aswell. There are seven shadows with a shimmer finish, and five with a glitter finish. There is more fallout with this palette than I would like, though! I feel that this palette can work day to night but I see it being used more in a night time look. They are wonderful shadows to use on the waterline as an eyeliner. 

The colour payoff with the Mermaids VS Unicorns palette is so fantastic! They are highly pigmented shadows and they are so easily blended, making them easy to work with. All together, it is such a fun palette to use and I really recommend it if you want to step out of your comfort zone. If you're contemplating the Urban Decay Spectrum palette, but don't feel like dropping the money just yet, give Mermaids VS Unicorns a whirl!
The Mermaids VS Unicorns palette costs €5.15. With the high quality shadows, the shadow sizes and the pigmentations, you really get more than what you pay for! It truly is a wonderful palette and fun to experiment and play around with. I give it 9/10.
Have you tried the Mermaids VS Unicorns palette yet? What were your thoughts? Let me know below!
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