Friday, 27 November 2015

Eastend Snob

Hey guys! How are you doing today? Today, I'll be talking about the infamous Eastend Snob Exaggerate lip liner from Rimmel! Ever since its release, I have been bombarded with tweets about how wonderful this lip liner is! Ya girl has been hard pressed trying to hunt Eastend Snob down- anytime I went to look for it, it was always sold out. I finally found it last week, and I snapped it up straight away! I've heard it is one of the best drugstore lip liners to achieve that Kylie Jenner pout. I have my reservations there, as her famous lips are more so thanks to fillers, and not a result of her make-up skills! It's also supposed to be a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk. So, let' get into what I thought of Eastend Snob!

Eastend Snob is that dusty pink-mauve shade that is so popular right now. I wear this lip liner on its own, or under some lip balm or gloss. Though I don't have a great collection of lip liners, it is without a doubt, the creamiest lip liner I have ever used, and it glides on so easily! There is a great colour payoff, because Eastend Snob is so pigmented. It looks really great on, but I think it would look even better if my skin was that bit more darker or if I was sallow. I love that this lip liner added a nice pout to my lips, it doesn't dry out my lips either, like so many lip liners do! 

Eastend Snob lasts two to three hours on my lips, including when I'm eating and drinking. I love that this lip liner is retractable instead of a lip pencil, it makes it so easy to carry around in my bag and use as I please, without having the hassle of paring it. However, I find the stick a bit too thin and fragile, and a little bit fell off when I was applying it the other day. I love the curved shape of the lip liner, it makes it so easy to apply evenly. 

Verdict? I loved Eastend Snob! The creaminess and shade is just wonderful! I'm wearing it so much lately! Any of the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners cost €5.49 each and I give it 9/10. 
Have you tried Eastend Snob or any of the Exaggerate lip liners from Rimmel yet? What were your thoughts? Let me know below! 
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