Friday, 27 November 2015

Eastend Snob

Hey guys! How are you doing today? Today, I'll be talking about the infamous Eastend Snob Exaggerate lip liner from Rimmel! Ever since its release, I have been bombarded with tweets about how wonderful this lip liner is! Ya girl has been hard pressed trying to hunt Eastend Snob down- anytime I went to look for it, it was always sold out. I finally found it last week, and I snapped it up straight away! I've heard it is one of the best drugstore lip liners to achieve that Kylie Jenner pout. I have my reservations there, as her famous lips are more so thanks to fillers, and not a result of her make-up skills! It's also supposed to be a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk. So, let' get into what I thought of Eastend Snob!

Eastend Snob is that dusty pink-mauve shade that is so popular right now. I wear this lip liner on its own, or under some lip balm or gloss. Though I don't have a great collection of lip liners, it is without a doubt, the creamiest lip liner I have ever used, and it glides on so easily! There is a great colour payoff, because Eastend Snob is so pigmented. It looks really great on, but I think it would look even better if my skin was that bit more darker or if I was sallow. I love that this lip liner added a nice pout to my lips, it doesn't dry out my lips either, like so many lip liners do! 

Eastend Snob lasts two to three hours on my lips, including when I'm eating and drinking. I love that this lip liner is retractable instead of a lip pencil, it makes it so easy to carry around in my bag and use as I please, without having the hassle of paring it. However, I find the stick a bit too thin and fragile, and a little bit fell off when I was applying it the other day. I love the curved shape of the lip liner, it makes it so easy to apply evenly. 

Verdict? I loved Eastend Snob! The creaminess and shade is just wonderful! I'm wearing it so much lately! Any of the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners cost €5.49 each and I give it 9/10. 
Have you tried Eastend Snob or any of the Exaggerate lip liners from Rimmel yet? What were your thoughts? Let me know below! 
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Kim. :)

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Top 10 under €10

Hey guys! How are you all doing today? I was having a good rummage through my make-up and I thought I would put together a top ten list of my favourite products that cost under €10 for you guys! Some, I really couldn't be without some, cheap and cheerful. I do love a good bargain. ;)

1) Simple Kind To Skin light moisturiser 
I could buy all of the expensive, luxury moisturisers I want, but the Simple Kind To Skin light moisturiser is the one I always come back to, and need in my skincare drawer. It ticks all the boxes for me. It's fantastic for sensitive skin, the bottle lasts an age. It's light, refreshing and full of vitamins such as B5 and Vitamin E. It softens my skin and lasts 12 hours. €5.59.

2) Botanics 80% Organic Hydrating eye cream
I really recommend this eye cream if you're just starting out using eye creams. It refreshes under my eyes, hydrates, makes the delicate area under my eyes look brighter, more awake. It looks smoother and make-up goes on easier. €8.49. 

3) Essence All About Roses eyeshadow palette
I have really been so impressed with Essence this year! Their All About Roses, really standing out to me. A handy palette, with 8 shades, four shimmers and four mattes. They have a wonderful buttery texture, the pigmentation is fabulous and they last all day! I have been using it so much since I bought it. They best part? It's only €4.99!

4) NYX Butter glosses
These butter glosses were the first product I tried from NYX, and I adore NYX so much, they've yet to disappoint me! I really think these glosses are amazing. They have a high intensity shine, with a high colour pay off. They last a good while on the lips. They are so comfortable on the lips and they are really hydrating. I love these glosses so much! €6.49.

5) Hottie massage bar 
Anytime I pop into Lush, I always make sure I pick up this wonderful massage bar! Hottie massages, hydrates and softens my skin like nothing else I've tried. The beautiful scent of cocoa butter and black pepper lasts for hours and hours on my skin, and stays on my pyjamas until they go into the wash! I will always repurchase Hottie! €7.80.

6) Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette
A truly fantastic palette from Makeup Revolution, and a very similar dupe for Naked 3. Iconic 3 is a rose gold themed palette and the shades are stunning, and range from mattes, metallics and shimmers. They are really long wearing (morning to night) velvety in texture, and highly pigmented and easy to blend! If you don't have that funds from the Naked 3 palette, pick up the Iconic 3 palette from Makeup Revolution, you won't be disappointed! €8.53.

7) Nivea lip butter
Definitely one of those I absolutely cannot be without and have to pick up the next day when I run out! My lips are sore most of the time, and get really badly chapped at Winter. The Nivea lip butter nourishes, smoothes, hydrates and makes a great base for applying a matte lipstick beforehand. They come in original (unflavoured) blueberry, vanilla and raspberry. €2.66.

8) Grease Lightning.
Lush's Grease Lightning is absolutely one of the best treatments for spots and blemishes I have ever used. A powerful skin friendly cocktail of ingredients, including grape, rosemary, thyme, aloe vera and tea tree oil. Grease Lightning gets rid of spots and blemishes in a couple of days, calming the skin, not irritating it, or the skin around the affected area, soothing and banishing redness. €8.95.

9) Toni and Guy sea salt spray
I usually pick up the Toni and Guy sprays in the travel sized because they are cheaper and handier. I also have their heat protection spray in the 75ml travel size bottle. I really love this spray, especially during the Summer when I leave my hair naturally curly. It holds my curls, adds volume, bounce and texture. It smells lovely too, like the sea! €1.95.

10) L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB powder
I have sang its praises in a more detailed review here. I have already repurchased it. This BB powder makes my skin look fresh, shine free morning to evening and is undetectable on the skin! It matches my pale skin and keeps oily patches from going patchy. The texture is so soft, buttery and makes my skin feel so smooth! Cutting it close at €9.99.

And that is my top 10 under €10! What are your favourite products under €10? Let me know below! 
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Friday, 20 November 2015

Origins Never A Dull Moment cleanser

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Happy Friday! Today, I'll be talking about Origins Never A Dull Moment cleanser. Ever since I tried Origins Checks and Balances frothy face wash, I 100% get why Origins has a spectacular reputation, and I love them! Though on the pricey side, the results I get from their cleansers and how long they last, they really are worth the money. I really want to try their Out of Trouble face mask soon. I thought I would try out Never A Dull Moment, because coming up to Winter, my skin gets quite dull, tired and lacklustre.

Never A Dull Moment cleanser claims to: Wash away bleak and dull skin, remove dead skin cells, remove make-up and debris, leaving skin feeling fresh and looking radiant, not stripped and dry. The key ingredients in this cleanser are: Bitter Orange- Refreshes, absorbs excess oil, works as an astringent. Grapefruit- Full of retinol to fight ageing, rich in antioxidants, controls oil production. Papaya- The star ingredient in this cleanser. Papaya brightens the skin, exfoliates, moisturises, full of antioxidants and vitamins A and C. Pine- Hydrates the skin. I know alot of the main ingredients here, such as pine and grapefruit might irritate others skin, but I got on really well with this cleanser! This cleanser will work best for combination to oily skin types, such as myself. It has a gel like consistency, and a little goes a long way, in a 150ml tube, you only need the size of a pea to wash your entire face.

The scent is mainly grapefruit, which I love and find it really refreshing, especially in the mornings. Never A Dull Moment has been great for my skin! It has made my skin feel so much fresher and awake. It has evened out my skin tone, brightened my skin. It is a wonderfully refreshing cleanser and has made my skin look more radiant, perfect for the wild Winter weather Ireland is expecting this year! However, if I had to choose between Never A Dull Moment and Checks and Balances, I would choose Checks and Balances, as I feel it did alot more to fight and prevent blemishes and breakouts. 
You will really get on with Never A Dull Moment if your skin isn't too easily irritated by its key ingredients and if dull, lacklustre skin is the bane of your Winter, and if you have combination to oily skin. I give Never A Dull Moment 8/10, and like most Origins cleansers, it costs €25.
Have you tried Never A Dull Moment? What were you thoughts? What is your favourite Origins product? Let me know below!
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

NYX High Voltage lipstick

Hey guys! Remember me? ;) Welcome to my first beauty review in a while! Today, I'll be reviewing NYX's High Voltage lipstick. From the moment I swatched this lipstick, I fell in love with both the shade and the intensity of this lipstick! I picked the High Voltage lipstick in their darkest shade- Dahlia, a deep, dark purple. With a wonderful 22 shades to choose from, there is a massive variety in shades and you'll be sure to find a shade to suit you.

What I love the most about these lipsticks is how amazingly intense they are! The pigmentation is fabulous and they go on very opaque, so one coat should be plenty. Because Dahlia is such a dark shade, I was worried that it would bleed, not stay in place and stick to my teeth. This was not a problem though as it stayed put and hasn't budged since I started wearing it (Which is alot now!) It feels nice and comfortable on the lips and doesn't dry them out in the slightest. The packaging is lovely and sleek. However, the shape of the lipstick makes for uneven application, I'm used to it now, but you do have to be careful when you apply it. There is a subtle vanilla scent with the High Voltage lipsticks, which I really like, it's not overpowering at all!

The staying power is great, and alot better than I expected, lasting around three hours, and when eating. It fades nicely and evenly, fading to a red-purple shade. I really love the finish on these lipsticks, which is a lovely satin sheen finish, which I prefer any day over a matte finish! I am so in love with the shade Dahlia! I can't pull off black lipstick, and this shade is the next best thing, it's a wonderfully dramatic shade and it actually makes my teeth look whiter! I will absolutely be buying the NYX High Voltage lipsticks in different shades.

I give the NYX High Voltage lipstick 9/10, and they cost €7.70 each. I've yet to not fall in love with lip products from NYX!
Have you tried the High Voltage lipsticks yet? What were your thoughts? Let me know below!
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Baking Haul!

Hey guys! How are you all doing on this wonderful Saturday? Today, I'm doing a haul post, yaaaay! Not the kind of post you would expect from a beauty blogger, but baking is a huge part of my life, my love, my craft. I love reading and watching other people's hauls, so I thought I would share my own! I bought most of the stuff here from Decobake, which is a baker's haven! I could spend hours there.

Testing out my new dyes
Dye, dye, my darling. I've used plenty of different food dyes in my day, but I find the Sugarflair colour pastes to be the best. At €4.50 a pop, it's a wonderful price, as the colour payoff is fabulous, striking and works wonderfully with fondant, batters, buttercreams and royal icing. A little goes a long way and if you're just starting out, they are a wonderful investment! I can't wait to pick up more.

These patterned edge side scrapers from PME are a cheap and stunning way to add a dramatic flair and texture to your cake, at €6.75 for a pack of four. For an eye catching detail on the side of your cake, simply scrape off the extra royal icing or buttercream and adding even pressure, slowly scrape the edge of your cake for a lovely design.

For anyone working with fondant and/or marzipan, a good polisher is vital! Again from PME, a polisher is wonderful for smoothing out blemishes and cracks that appear when you roll out fondant on your cake. It ensures an even and professional finish to your cake. Like in make-up, a great base is the most important!

When rolling out fondant, a wooden rolling pin just won't do. Too much icing sugar or cornflour is needed to prevent it sticking and the fondant can easily dry out! This rolling pin from PME is made from non stick Polyethylene, and doesn't stick to fondant at all! I bought the second biggest size for more intricate fondant design, but I want to buy the biggest size soon!

I am so excited to try out this cake lace as soon as I can! The Claire Bowman cake lace is a ready made mix, which you spread on a cake lace mat and simply bake, creating a very intricate and stunning lace ready to rock on your cake! 

Now what would be the point of buying cake lace if I didn't have a cake lace mat? Made of silicone, once the cake lace is ready to go on your cake, it'll be very easy to peel off your cake lace and wrap it around your cake!

Fantastic for working with fondant, this professional non stick board has a polished surface for a completely non stick performance. It's perfect for rolling out fondant and making figurines. Like an eejit, I accidently threw out the non stick grip mat, so now it slips around alot, whoops! I'll get a grip mat from somewhere though.

A beautiful finish for any cakes, cupcakes or cookies. The edible glitter dust in hologram silver can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want. I especially love the edible glitter in hologram silver because it truly sparkles when it catches the light!

Such a handy thing to have! Unless you buy it premade, metallic fondants and damn near impoosible to create. With the click twist pen in light silver, it couldn't be easier. Simply click it from the bottom and apply and brush it wherever you want for a metallic finish. Be it as a 'paint' or a pen! 

I got this book at an absolute bargain. I couldn't believe my eyes. A big beautiful hardback book on baking recipes from around the world, down from €32.50 to €10! I adore other countries, other cultures and travelling, it was meant for me! With beautiful photos and step by step methods, I have been absorbed in this baking book, planning out my next baking adventures. It has all the recipes I'll possibly need! 

Last, but by no means least, my very own stand mixer! I've named her Carmen, and she is built like a machine, so robust. ;) I was so proud of this purchase. For yeaaaars, I've wanted my own stand mixer, but I never had the money for one. I saved, and practically skipped into Argos to buy it! It's my pride and joy. She's a fantastic mixer, including a beater, whisk, dough hook and splatter guard, which I'm too hardcore for. With a 800w motor and 6 speed settings, and a 5 litre stainless steel bowl which is so easy to clean. I just love her.

I hope you enjoyed my baking haul, I loved writing about it! Readers/bloggers, if you were to do a haul video on something besides fashion and beauty, what would it be on? Let me know below! 
Thank you for reading, 
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Quick update| What I've been up to lately

Hey guys! How are you all doing? I'm sorry for the inconsistent blog writing lately, but it's time for Truth Time. Since mid-October, I just haven't been too bothered with blogging. And I hate that. I want to stay mainly a beauty blogger, and like I mentioned, reviews are thin on the ground, damn near depleted at this stage. I'm not going to write utter shite for you guys, and I've always preferred quality over quantity in any aspect. A good rule of thumb I follow when writing a new blog post is 'If I wouldn't read the blog post myself, I'm sure as hell not going to write it'. I know for a fact that if I kept writing when I feel this way, that blogging would turn into a chore instead of something I love, something I really love. I always list after a blog post, but please do follow me on my other social media platforms, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin' and Google+! I'm alot more active on Twitter and Instagram and I love hearing from you guys! 
So, what have I been up to lately? Quite a bit!

- On Halloween, my boyfriend and I celebrated our six year anniversary! We went to see Spectre, and had a drink or 5. ;) We had also planned to go for a Chinese, but we stuffed ourselves with cinema food -ahem-. We had a wonderful night and he bought me the most beautiful locket! I'm a lucky girl. :)

- Yesterday, I went to put the purple back into my hair. I had it bleached and ready to rock. I accidentally bought purple hair creme I mistook for counteracting brassiness in blonde. Turns out it was actually purple dye. I realised it too late, and now the side of my hair is a dark red-purple, which I hate. Now the gorgeous purple-violet I got isn't showing at all. :(

- I organised and went with my best friend and her fiancee to meet with cake decorators for their wedding cake! It was all so delicious and I got a wonderful red velvet cupcake out of it. #BridesmaidBenefits.

- I've been focusing alot more on my baking. Absorbing myself into new recipes and planning my next creations! 

- I've been looking in to the finer points of getting myself up and running with a stall at my local food market. Including batch amounts, what to make, table set up, bulk buying carrier bags, boxes and takeaway bags.

- For the first time in weeks, I have that extra bit of money so I'm going to buy something I've been lusting after for months, a pentagram harness!

- I booked all of last week off work, woohoo! It was so lovely to relax and unwind. With that, I got to enjoy and soak in the most beautiful and my favourite time of the year.

- I celebrated Halloween, the most wonderful time of the year (despite what some other songs may tell you) in a wonderful way, with a whole load of horror movies!

- I celebrated the October Bank Holiday with my boyfriend, my best friend and her fiancee with drinks. :)

- I've been rereading the Harry Potter series and watching lots of The IT Crowd.

- Featuring alcohol again, I met up with my dad and gave him his birthday present which he really loved.

- I did a complete cleanout on my room.

- I got a haircut.

What have you guys been up to lately? How did you celebrate Halloween? Did you dress up? Let me know below! 
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

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