Friday, 16 October 2015

Gosh BB cream

Hey guys! How are you all doing on this wonderful Friday? Today, I'll be talking about Gosh's BB cream. Earlier this year, I finally gave in and explored the hype around BB and CC creams. I still haven't found the right one (little spoiler). I do find them a wonderful alternative for when I'm not arsed with foundation such as when I'm exercising and at work. I haven't tried anything from Gosh in yeeeeears. Not since I was 13 and got their bronzing beads and crushed them into a powder...ahem. 
The Gosh BB cream is a three in one product: a foundation, primer and a moisturiser. I don't care for this BB cream. In the slightest. This BB cream has added SPF 15, which is a plus, but I can smell the SPF, which is quite strong. I picked this up in it's lightest shade, 01 Sand.

So why don't I like the Gosh BB cream? The coverage is way too light. I know that's the point of a BB cream, but it's supposed to cover to an extent! It doesn't build up nicely either. It barely lasts until I return from work (6:30am-3:30pm). It wears off very easily. The added SPF makes me so shiny, which means alot of fixing powder is needed. I have combination skin, and this BB cream is just so terrible at controlling shine! For a product that barely covers anything, the texture is way too thick.

The only positive things I can say about the Gosh BB cream is that it does hydrate and feel light and fresh on the skin, and it slightly evens out  my skin tone. I really don't recommend this BB cream for combination/oily skin types, though if you have normal to dry skin, you might get on better with it. 
I didn't like the Gosh BB cream at all, so I won't be repurchasing. It costs €10.99. I give it 3/10. The search for the perfect BB or CC cream continues!
Have you ever tried the Gosh BB cream? Did you get on with it better than I did? Have you any great BB or CC cream recommendations? Leave them below! 
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