Tuesday, 13 October 2015

D'Fluff shaving soap

Hye guys! How are you all doing? First of all. I'm sorry I had no blog posts up last week! It was such a busy week, and honestly, I was feeling uninspired, blogging wise, and I don't want to write shit posts for you guys that I wouldn't even read myself! But I'm back now with a review of Lush's shaving soap, D'Fluff! I've only ever heard amazing things about D'Fluff. I always have incredibly dry skin after I shave, it generally feels scaly, tight, and looks awful. I have to say, I have fallen in love with D'Fluff!

The key ingredients in D'Fluff are: Fresh strawberries- The fresh strawberries in D'Fluff is one of the main ingredients and gives this shaving soap that wonderful sweet strawberry scent! Rose Absolute- Balances and restores the skin. Fairtrade Cocoa Butter- Leaves the skin hydrated, soft and silky smooth. Organic Rosehip oil- Rich in vitamins for healthy skin. 
A little goes a long way with D'Fluff, you don't have to apply too much, as rubbing some of the soap between your palms thickens it up into a easily spreadable paste. When using D'Fluff, I scoop out a small bit, rub it between my palms, rub it onto my skin and glide over it with my razor, rinsing the blade often. 

One great thing about D'Fluff is that it isn't as thick as normal shaving foam, so it doesn't clog the blade at all! D'Fluff is just so easy to shave with! It's a sensitive and gentle soap on the skin so it's really ideal to use on the more intimate areas, and perfect for skin that gets sore and irritated after shaving. 

D'Fluff leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth, hydrated, smelling fabulous, and not feeling sore and tight afterwards. I think it will be hard to go back to normal shaving foam after using D'Fluff! I can't sing its praises highly enough. It will be perfect especially for Winter, when my skin gets even drier and sore post shave. For a 70g pot, D'Fluff costs €6.85, which is so worth it! I give it 10/10. It 100%, will be another Lush repurchase.
Have you ever tried D'Fluff before? What were your thoughts? What to you use to shave to avoid dry and tight skin? Let me know below! 
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