Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Current Youtube favourites

Hi guys! How are you all doing today? Ah, Youtube. An endless source of interest, education, laughs, and a main reason I sometimes stay up until 4am, and just loving a the 'weird side' of Youtube a little too much! Why even is Dr.Phil and Wife Swap on Youtube?! Now that I have unlimited internet (yay!) I have been on Youtube more than ever, because I don't have to worry about going over the data limit. Today, I thought I would share with you all just a few of my favourite Youtube channels. If you have any suggestions, do let me know! 

Ask The Feels

Founded by Bart Kwan and Joe Jo, Ask The Feels is just part of their Just Kidding Films channel. Ask The Feels is hosted by Bart, Joe, Geo Antoinette, Tiffany Del Real and the odd special guest. I just love this channel so much. With 2-3 videos uploaded almost every two days, Ask The Feels offers really honest advice on all things love, sex and relationships, with a hilarious twist. Especially on YouTube, it's so rare to find people who and just 100% themselves and down to earth. You can't help but love them!

TMD Shanghai

It's so secret how much I love and am interested in other cultures. Since rejoining the world of Youtube, I have really gravitated towards Asian Youtubers! TMD Shanghai is like a Chinese Buzzfeed. TMD Shanghai focus on music videos, sketches, pranks and web series. It's also fun to see an Asian perspective on the Western world!

Toxic Tears

A model/Youtuber from Northern Ireland, Kaya Lili is a fantastic alternative/gothic Youtuber, Ireland needs more wonderful alternative (Ick, I hate that word) Youtubers! I adore her style and happy, friendly attitude. The Toxic Tears channel features subscription box unboxings (which are my favourite!), hauls, tutorials and general chats. I highly recommend checking out Toxic Tears channel, especially if you're alternative yourself! 

Sarah Rae Vargas

 Sarah Rae Vargas is without a doubt, one of my favourite Youtubers and I am so happy I stumbled across her channel this Summer! Sarah is an open book in every aspect. Her videos are so educational, interesting and honest! After I watch a few of her videos, I automatically feel better in myself. Sarah is all about body positivity and confidence, which I feel is so important to talk about. My favourite videos of Sarah's has to be her Let's Talk About Sex series! Again, it's so honest, there's full disclosure and wonderful advice! 

Leanne Woodfull

Last but certainly not least, Leanne has been a favourite Youtuber of mine for years. I was sad when she made the announcement that she was giving up Youtube, but I understood. Trolls are not fun, guys. But now she's back on Youtube and killing it! She has inspired my own style in a way. Her videos are usually fashion and beauty related. I love her haul videos and she has started vlogging aswell. I'm so happy Leanne has decided to come back to Youtube! 

And that is who I am loving on Youtube lately! Who are you loving on Youtube lately? Have you any suggestions for me? Let me know below! 
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