Thursday, 3 September 2015

Budget Brand Focus- Essence

Hey guys! Welcome to part two of my Budget Brand Focus series. Today, I'll be focusing on Essence! Ah, the nostalgia. Essence was probably one of the first make-up brands I started with when I first 'really' got into make-up, like so many other girls. As you get older and find other make-up brands, you tend to forget about the ones you started with, as I did. I have to say, Essence has been impressing me so much lately! I had to include it in this series. 

Make Me Brow
I've been on the lookout for a brow gel, something fuss free, something to use when I don't want my brows to look too full on, aka, work. Not that I've tried Gimme Brow from Benefit, I feel that it's the same concept and a cheaper alternative. I am loving this little beauty! It's so easy to use and fuss free. I love the brush. It's small enough to grip all of the hairs. The gel doesn't dry or flake. It makes my brows look well groomed and adds definition. It doesn't move once throughout the day and matches my hair colour! It costs a fantastic €3.09 and I give it 10/10. 

Make Me Brow used by itself

Longlasting Nude Lipstick
A shade I have seen everywhere and I've been dying to come across lately, I found it in the Essence stall! I picked up one of Essence's Longlasting Nude Lipsticks in Come Naturally. It is a purple-mauve nude with a lovely cool grey undertone. With my dark hair, I feel this shade suits me perfectly. Come Naturally has a matte finish, but it won't dry out your lips or show off every little crack. Though the staying power isn't fantastic, lasting an hour or two, the pigmentation is great, and completely opaque with two coats. It's comfortable to wear on the lips, and I really love the packaging and the embossed 'e' on the lipstick. I can't wait to buy more from the Longlasting Nude range! At €2.49, it's a steal. I give it 9/10.

All About Roses
When I find an eyeshadow palette for so cheap, I take it with a pinch of salt and know it's not going to be the best palette out there. The All About Roses is an exception and it has really surprised me! I love the shades included so much, they are quite Autumnal and I love the overall shift in shades in make-up for the colder months in the Essence brand. There are four shimmers at the top, and four mattes at the bottom. The pigmentation is just so fantastic and the eyeshadow stays put all day! There is a slight crumble with these shadows, but the texture is so lovely. Not chalky in the slightest, but soft and buttery. I love to use the matte shades on my lids and the shimmers as a crease colour and on my waterline, and the first white shade as an inner eye highlighter. The packaging is really nice and simple. They work well as an eyeliner, and I'm so happy with how easy they blend together! All around it's a fantastic little palette and the quality is great! It costs €4.99 and I give All About Roses 10/10.

I honestly can't wait to get more from the Essence range, I have rekindled a new love for them! Scoring either a 9 or 10, and buying all three for a little over €10, I can't recommend them enough. The quality has been improved, and is still so budget friendly and guilt free. Stay tuned next week for part three of my Budget Brand Focus series. I am honestly really loving doing this series! :)
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