Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Five Blogging Misconceptions

Hi guys! How is everyone today? Today, I'll be talking about a few, five rather, of the biggest misconceptions that people have about bloggers and blogging in general. I have come across these misconceptions myself, and constantly see fellow bloggers having to defend themselves on the Twittersphere. Today, I thought that I would add my own two cents.

We all want to be Zoella
With an outstanding 3.63 million Twitter followers and a staggering almost 9 million Youtube subscribers, it's no wonder why Zoe Sugg is the first person that comes to many people's mind when they think of bloggers. However, Zoella is an extraordinary case. She is the exception, not the rule of who and what a blogger is or should be. This very rarely happens to other bloggers, keeping in mind Zoella works with huge brands, has been snapped up by Gleam and she has been doing Youtube for years. Zoella has transitioned from a popular blogger in the blogging community, to mainstream popularity. Zoella's audience is targeted at tweens, all of the bloggers I know, talk to and follow have no such intentions to reach a tween audience, and enjoy success within the blogging community, and rightly so. Zoella has worked hard for what she has today, but a majority of bloggers have no interest in trying to be Zoella.

We're in it for the freebies
A laughable and thoughtless statement. The idea that someone would put hours of work for years, not to mention money, blood, sweat and tears, blowing off plans, running various social media platforms in the hopes of a free lipstick makes no sense. At all. Free things and press samples don't pay the bills, lads. I have been blogging since August 2013, and received my first ''freebie'' this June. Yes, I was excited and of course I accepted it, because, why not? Also, if you're only blogging for freebies, just quit right now. You're just wasting your time. Bloggers who are only in it are so bloody transparent to readers, brands and PR. A fly by night blogger who's heart really isn't in it, is so obvious. Passion and how long you have been blogging for are major factors for any brand to take you seriously.

Blogging takes no effort
The majority of non bloggers think that there's nothing more to blogging than typing a few words and hitting Publish. I have been subjected to this shitty attitude and it's so irritating and condescending! Anything to pour your heart and soul into of course takes effort! It's not simply typing a few words, hitting Publish, the end. There's trialing a product, considering it's many factors, writing a written draft, typing it up, making sure you capture the perfect photograph, becoming familiar with a camera, working with a DSLR, editing, Google Analytics, managing social media, coding, working with PR, keeping up to date with an ever changing industry. It's not easy going, but it is so worth it.

Blogging takes no skills
Quite the contrary, when you're a blogger, you learn skills and improve upon skills. Writing grammatically and punctually correct content is an absolute must if you hope to keep on blogging! Of course if you struggle with writing and language, you can send your posts on to someone who can edit your content for you. You improve upon your camera skills. Blogging improves your social skills when running various social media, you learn basic coding, photo and content editing. Time management is improved, networking with brands and other bloggers, is especially learned at blogger conferences. Promotion and life balancing skills. Putting on your CV that you run your own blog has caught interest in job interviews in the past. Skills learned through blogging are invaluable and adds so much to your skill set.

It's easy to gain a big readership
I consider myself a very small blogger with a small readership. I would of course, love to have a bigger readership, but I love to see returning readers and commenters. Once you get in to the blogging community, especially on Twitter, it's so overwhelming how many bloggers there are out there! You are literally spoiled for choice! So many who blog the same things that you do. I read plenty of blogs and I tend to stick to who I love, unless a blog post jumps out to me on Twitter. I think plenty of readers look for something specific in a blogger, whether it's your layout, photos or content. Readers will return if you fit their specifications, in my own opinion. Because there is so much choice available, not everyone is going to follow you. It's very easy for your blog links and posts to get lost in the constant waves of other bloggers. As long as someone's reading, it's something to be proud of!

And all of the above is 100% my own opinion. What do you think are the biggest misconceptions when it comes to blogging or bloggers? Let me know below!
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

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