Thursday, 30 July 2015

MAC Girl About Town Amplified lipstick

Hi guys! How are you all doing? Hard as it is to believe, I, a beauty blogger, only added my first MAC lipstick to my collection less than a month ago! I finally bit the bullet -heh- at the airport duty free! I had to indulge and see the big deal about beauty lovers round the world's most loved and coveted product. I was looking for a deep, vampy pink and Girl About Town was exactly what I was looking for! Girl About Town is described as a bright fuschia pink, but it's deep colour and blue undertones really drew me in. Let me tell you, after years of wondering what on earth the big deal is around these lipsticks, I believe the hype! 

This is unlike anything lipstick I've ever had. It is so amazingly pigmented and has such intensity! It's not drying or greasy, it has a glossy finish. It's so opaque and one coat is more than enough. It has a lovely, creamy consistency and it feels so comfortable on the lips. It love how fantastic it looks with my skin tone. The longevity of this lipstick is something else! It easily lasts six or seven hours. It fades nicely and evenly, leaving a stain. One swipe of this lipstick is plenty!
Due to its glossy finish and creamy consistency, it's quite hydrating on the lips. I adore the formula of this lipstick so much, that I have to say, of all my lipsticks, it's the best formula.

Rocking Girl About Town (and a flower)
The packaging, oh my, the packaging. A beautiful bullet shaped lipstick, black as my soul. There's a nice weight to it, and it feels (and looks) every inch of an almost €20 lipstick. I love everything about this lipstick! The formula, colour, the pigment, and the intensity. I fear I may have to buy more. (Just don't tell my poor wallet, it's been through the mill enough). I got MAC's Girl About Town at the airport duty free, so it cost me €16.50, compared to its usual €19.50. I give it 10/10!

MAC lipsticks. Love or loathe? Where do you stand? Let me know below! 
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