Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Make-Up Lust List

Hey everyone! You know, there's nothing I love more than an aul nose in someone else's make-up bag. I'm such a curious person in general, but it really interests me to see what others have in their make-up bag. What do they use to create that eye look I love on them, how they create their flawless looking base, and as a lipstick fiend, their lip make-up. I don't think it's so necessary to have heaps of slap, much as I think so from time to time. Key products for a flawless canvas, and a good arsenal of lip products and the perfect eyeshadow palette or two, seems to be what I've come to love in my own bag. I was cleaning my make-up last week, and came to realise I have some really great products in my kit, but here's a list of what I would love to have in my make-up bag in the coming months! 

A second foundation
You best believe I love L'Oreal True Match. It's long lasting, a perfect match for my pale, pale skin, and it gives decent coverage. However I would love a second foundation in my make-up bag, a fancy scmancy foundation, that I'll only break out for the likes of weddings, nights out and events. A foundation that lasts from morning into the wee hours, covers every little blemish and looks picture perfect. I won't be looking on the high street for this foundation. Some top contenders on my mind are Estee Lauder Double Wear, Chanel Aqualumiere, or NARS Sheer Glow.

I love this Benefit primer with all of my heart. It is my HG primer. It is the perfect base for me to start a flawless base, it minimises imperfections, and my make-up does not budge off my face once! As you can see in the above photo, I already have this primer in my bag. However, it's running out and I have been using it so sparingly for the past few months! When I'm back in work, this will be my first purchase!

Full sized Benetint
Again, I already have this in my make-up bag, and I am so surprised about how long it's lasting me, not even half empty yet! It's perfect for my pale skin, it lasts all day, and gives my face a healthy look. I also use it as a lip stain for a soft, pink look. I will be so sad when this runs out. I have to run out and buy it soon!

A new Kabuki brush
Admittedly, it will be a painful purchase. I have had my beloved 17 kabuki brush for 8 years now. It's been with me through ever disastrous make-up decision I thought was a great idea at the time. Though I have decided, no matter how perfectly it still works, 8 years is too long to hold on to a brush. No matter how well and clean I keep it. Sob. I've been eyeing up the Real Techniques retractable kabuki brush to replace old Rusty.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tar in Technopagan
This has been on my lust list for way over a year now. I've loved it since I saw Jeffree Star absolutely rocking it. I am infatuated. The finish, the colour, the fact that it's cruelty free. I have been in lust with Technopagan. I have to say, it is reasonably priced, but as Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics isn't available in Ireland, shipping costs are crazy expensive! When the delivery outweighs the cost of the product, I draw the line there. I would snap it up in an instant if OCC was available in Ireland. -HINT HINT- Get a move on, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics! 

Anastasia DipBrow Pomade
The hype around DipBrow by Anastasia Beverly hills seems to be very justified, indeed! From reading blogs, watching Youtubers and scrolling through Instagram, there doesn't seem to be one person who doesn't adore it! In a gel like mousse, DipBrow seems to give perfectly clean, defined and arched brows, looking like you just came out of a salon. So far all I use on my brows is a dark eyeshadow, and I need to step my brow game up! The variety of shades it comes in is amazing, and when I have a few spare euros, I'll be purchasing this in Chocolate.

Hot Spice palette
Is there anyone who loves beauty and hasn't heard of Make-Up Revolution? I highly doubt it. Affordable and high quality, Make-Up Revolution has taken the make-up world by storm, and I am a huge fan. They're known to have fantastic dupes for expensive products. One palette I have had my eye on for a while is their Hot Spice palette, a gorgeous blush and contour palette. Ranging from mattes, shimmer and baked finishes, the shades all look so high quality and pigmented. They come in a beautiful sleek packaging. It must be mine. My pretty.

Lip Hugs
I'm a complete sucker for lip products, especially if they're completely beautiful in a stunning package. The variety of shades in the Lip Hug range is brilliant. From the moment I saw the swatches of these babies floating around Instagram, I knew I had to possess them! They seem to be brilliantly pigmented and so hydrating, perfect for Summer! Make-Up Revolution are doing a great deal on the Lip Hugs. If you buy five in a collection, you save £5, same works out when you convert it to Euro. I can't wait to avail of this offer and pick up the Lip Hug Faves collection! 

And that's my Make-Up Lust List! Tell me, what would you love to see in your make-up bag? Let me know below! 
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

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