Friday, 19 June 2015

Physicians Formula Super BB Beauty Balm Concealer

Hey guys! How are you all? I've really missed doing make-up reviews in the past while, so I'll be leaving part two of Serial Killer Saturday post until next Saturday. Today I will be talking about Physicians Formula Super BB Beauty Balm Concealer. I heard great things about the Physicians Formula brand, so I was delighted when I saw their concealer in my goody bag from the Irish Blogger Conference! The Physicians Formula concealer claims to: diminish dark circles, reduce puffiness, hide redness, blemishes and correct uneven skin tone. It is hypo-allergenic, fragrance free, paraben free, gluten free, non-comedogenic (won't block your pores) and is dermologically tested.

I adore the gorgeous holographic packaging, it's just so pretty! However, I'm not mad on the application. I've never liked the click up brush application. But I really love this concealer, so I can let it go, let it goooooo! (I've never even watched Frozen, haha!) I would consider this concealer to be medium coverage. I assume it can be built up, but I haven't tried...yet. It has a really lovely and creamy texture, and it is super easy and a dream to blend in to the rest of your make-up. It's great at hiding dark circles and blemishes. It brightens under your eyes and has a dewy finish. 

Throughout the day, I only need to top up my concealer once. It sinks straight in instead of ''sitting'' on the skin, meaning it doesn't give off a cakey look. I really love this concealer and I love using it! The Physicians Formula Super BB Beauty Balm Concealer is available in pharmacies nationwide. I would absolutely buy it. It costs $12.95, which converts to €11.50. I give it a 9/10.
Have you tried this concealer yet or anything from the Physicians Formula brand yet? What did you think? Let me know below! 
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