Monday, 29 June 2015

Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar

Hey guys! How are you all doing? I'm heading to Amsterdam this Friday and I'll be back Tuesday night, SO EXCITED! :D I'll definitely write up a post and tell all you lovelies how I got on and what I saw! :) Today, I am reviewing one of Lush's shampoo bars- Jason and the Argan Oil. Here's what I thought of it. :) 
Jason and the Argan Oil is one of Lush's newer shampoo bars, along with Montalbano, Lullaby, Brazilliant and Honey I Washed My Hair. I was immediately drawn to the scent of this bar. I don't usually like floral scents, preferring clean, crisp, fresh and citrus scents, but I loved the scent of this bar and it's very floral and smells of Rose Jam. Jason and the Argan Oil promises stronger, shinier and softer hair. 
The key ingredient in Jason and the Argan Oil is Argan Oil Which has been coined as a ''miracle oil'' for hair care. It makes hair softer, silkier and shinier. It treats split ends and tames frizz. It also includes Rose Oil, organic Rose Absolute and Sicilian lemon oil for a gorgeous scent that will linger in your locks. When I first went to use it, I noticed that it felt alot drier than any other shampoo bar I've used from Lush. It doesn't quite lather up in the shower either, but that wasn't a big deal for me.
Jason and the Argan Oil made my hair feel slightly dry at times, but this could be because of other factors, I'm not too sure. It made my hair feel softer, and alot shinier. It left a gorgeous floral smell in my hair that stayed for a good while. I think Jason and the Argan Oil would work the best on dull hair. However, I was so disappointed in this bar. After having it for less than a month, it broke in half! Those halves broke into quarters. Upon reading other reviews, many others had the same problem with it crumbling. If you've used Lush shampoo bars before, you know they stay in tact until they're very thin. One of the halves crumbled into mush. So not Raven. After I finish this shampoo bar, I'll return to using Seanik or New.

All Lush shampoo bars cost €7.90 and I give Jason and the Argan Oil 5/10. Disappointing. I sadly won't be repurchasing Jason and the Argan Oil. 
Have you tried Jason and the Argan Oil? What did you think? What is your favourite shampoo bar? Let me know below!
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Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

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