Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Broken bones and frustration

Hi everyone! First off, I'm very sorry there was no blog last week. However, I have a very good reason. Last Tuesday in work, I fell down stairs and broke two bones in my hand. Yep. As I was getting ready to head into the kitchen, I flew right into the air (not a tumble by any means) on stairs with very sharp edges. To avoid breaking my back, I instinctively threw my arm behind me. I flew up straight away, terrified I had damaged my back, it took me a few minutes to register that I couldn't move my right hand (Thankfully I'm left handed) I explained what happened to my manager and I was sent home. I figured that I had sprained three fingers as that's where the pain was. It was at half 9 that night I realised that my entire hand had doubled in size! The next morning nothing had changed and thanks to my persistent boyfriend getting me to drag my ass up to A&E and the feeling in the back of my mind that it was more than a sprain, I made myself forget about my fear of doctor's and hatred of hospitals and went to A&E at my local hospital.
After an almost 5 hour wait, I went for an x-ray and I was told I had broken the 3rd and 4th long bones in my hand. I had my hand and forearm casted up, and I went home. On Friday, I met with a doctor at the trauma clinic. Thankfully, I won't need surgery but I'll be in a cast, and out of work for six weeks, minimum.

Oooh, friend!

The worst about this whole thing wasn't the pain, it's the thoughts of being bored and out of work. Since I really like my job and it's amazing experience I was lucky to get because it's relevant to what my dream in the future is. I hate being out of work. So many things I love to do is out of the question for now, cycling, yoga, baking, swimming, to name a few. In hindsight, I know I'm very lucky, the accident could have been so much worse, if I had screwed my back up, there's no easy recovery from that. Something else I find particularly irksome about this is relying on others. I can do most things myself, though I need help putting on bras, tying my laces and such. Since I was little, I was very independent, wanting to do things myself, doing my own thing. I'm 4 11'' and I would rather stand on the shelves in shops than get help from someone taller. If I can't do something small/reach something by myself, I tend to not do it. Much to the annoyance to others around me. But I needed and I'm glad I went and got proper treatment for my hand. I'm a baker, it's my plan in the future to have my coffee shop, I work with my hands. I need them.
 Hopefully, I'll only be in a cast for six weeks. In maybe three weeks, I can go from a cast to a splint and I'll have more movement in my hand. I might need some physio when I get my cast off to get it back to the way it was, and get my movement and my grip back. I'm not exactly looking forward to the weeks ahead without work, when I didn't work, I was never bored, so I hope I can say the same for the next few weeks! Another downside of no work is that I'll be lacking funds, so for a few weeks, beauty reviews may be lacking. There still might be a few but not as many. I really hope that you will all enjoy my upcoming blog posts!
Also, much to my dismay, bandages do not come in black. I asked. :P
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)


  1. Oh no! I hope you get better soon sweetie. xx


  2. Oh, how awful. I hope you have a speedy recovery. I've broken my right hand twice and it's such a nuisance. Take care x

    1. Thanks Sarah. :) Ouch, twice? How long were you in a cast for? Thank you lovely :) x