Saturday, 23 May 2015

Serial Killer Saturday: Charles Manson

Hi guys, welcome to my first Serial Killer Saturday post! I am so excited to start this blog series and I thought I would start with the one I find the most interesting. Charles Manson and the Manson Family. I hope you will enjoy reading it! :)

''My father is the jailhouse. My father is your system. I am only what you made me. I am only a reflection of you'' - Charles Manson. 

Who? Charles Manson led his followers, utterly devoted to his and viewed him as a prophet, known as the Manson Family- for the purpose of the murders, they are mainly: Patricia Krenwinkel, Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, Leslie Van Houten, Tex Watson and Steve Grogan.

Years active and victim count- 1968 to 1970. It's important to note that Manson orchestrated the murders, his followers killed directly. Manson only made one murder attempt, he shot Bernard Crowe, who survived. Nine directed deaths are: Sharon Tate, stabbed 16 times. Jay Sebring, shot with .22 revolver and stabbed 7 times. Wojciech Frykowski, shot, stabbed 51 times. Abigail Folger, stabbed 28 times. Gary Hinman, stabbed. Steven Parent shot 4 times with a .22 revolver. Leno LaBianca, stabbed 12 times. Rosemary LaBianca, stabbed 41 times. Donald Shea, stabbed and tortured to death.

Background- Born No Name Maddox to a 16 year old alcoholic and prostitute Kathleen Maddox on the 12th November, 1934. Kathleen Maddox was sent to jail for 5 years for robbery, and Charles was sent to live with his aunt and uncle. He was sent to Gibault School For Boys, where he fled after 10 months. When his mother returned from jail, he went to live with her again, but she rejected Charles. He committed his first offences at the age of 13, by committing a string of burglaries and armed robbery. He was first imprisoned in Federal Reformatory for sodomising another boy at a minimum security institution. He became a model resident and he was allowed to go live with his mother as a parole condition. He married waitress Rosalie Willis, who in his own words, found genuine, if short lived, marital happiness. They had a son, Charles Manson JR. However, he was imprisoned for a second time for pimping a 16 year old girl, Leona Rae, who later became his wife. They divorced in 1963. Charles was released in 1967, he felt institutionalised, and pleaded to stay in jail. His plea was rejected. He established himself as a guru in the Haight-Ashbury area in San Francisco, during the Summer of Love in 1967. He gained followers, mainly women, who later became known as the Manson Family. They relocated to Spahn Ranch, in return for work around the grounds of the ranch. 

The Tate murders- On August 8th 1969, Manson directed Watson. Atkins, Krenwinkel and Kasabian to 10050 Cielo Drive and ''totally destroy everyone in it''. Renowned movie star Sharon Tate and her husband, film director Roman Polanski lived at 10050 Cielo Drive. Polanski was not in the house, however, Sharon Tate who was 8 and a half moths pregnant, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folger and Jay Sebring, were. The Family ran into 18 year old Steven Parent, who begged the group not to hurt him. Watson slashed him with a knife across his palm and shot him 4 times as Steven tried to drive away. As the group entered the house, Watson awoke to a kick in the head from Watson, when Frykowski asked him what he was doing, Frykowski replied ''I'm the Devil, here to do the Devil's business''. Atkins brought the other 3 to the living room. Watson tied Tate and Sebring by their necks by a rope over a ceiling beam. Watson stabbed Sebring seven times and struck Frykowski over the head with the revolver several times, he stabbed him repeatedly and shot him twice. Folger was stabbed 28 times by Krenwinkel and Watson after she tried to escape. As Frykowski tried to escape, he was stabbed by Watson 51 times. In the living room, Tate pleaded to live long enough to have her baby. either Watson or Atkins stabbed Tate 16 times, as she was crying for her mother. As they left, Atkins wrote 'Pig' on the front door with blood.

The LaBianca murders- The LaBianca murders occurred the next night. The same four from the Tate murders and Van Houen and Grogan were also involved. Manson accompanied the 6 and gave Kasabian to drive to 3301 Waverly Drive, owned by Rosemary and Leno LaBianca. Manson woke Leno up at gunpoint, Rosemary was brought into the living room Manson ordered pillowcases to be put over their heads and instructed them to be killed. Watson stabbed Leno in the throat with a chrome plated bayonet and carved 'War' on his abdomen. Rosemary was stabbed 41 times by Krenwinkel and Van Houten. Krenwinkel wrote 'Rise' and 'Death to pigs' in blood on the refrigerator. 

Apprehension- On December 1st 1969, LAPD had warrants to arrest Watson, Krenwinkel and Kasabian in the Tate case and were suspect in the LaBianca murders. Kasabian surrendered to authorities on December 2nd. Watson's fingerprints were collected at Cielo Drive, and the .22 revolver was found by a 10 year old boy and handed in to police. A local ABC crew located the bloody clothing that was discarded the night of the Tate murders and the knife used was found at the Tate/Polanski residence. 

Trial and sentencing- Many motivations for the murders were examined during the trial, but the most feasible was Manson's belief in Armageddon, his pathological ego and insanity. In court Van Houten who was only 19 during the killings, alleged that Manson took advantage of her vulnerability and dislike of her mother, despite believing he was a man of vision. Atkins, undeniably one of the worst in the Manson family, revealed a list of high profile people that were to be killed and mutilated, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra and Tom Jones. When asked why they wanted to kill these people, she said they wanted to commit murders that would shock the world and make people take notice. The trial began 18th November 1969, a young lawyer called Ronald Hughes was assigned Manson but later dropped him to defend Van Houten, which possibly cost him his life. In 1970, he went camping, several months later his body was found. It's thought that he was killed in retaliation for ''betraying their leader''. Manson turned up to court one day with an X carved on his forehead, some of his female followers copied the act and even shaved their heads. In time, the X was modified into a swastika. Throughout the trial, the killers laughed and made faces, clearly showing a lack of remorse for what they did. 

Charles Manson received the death penalty, but it was reduced to life in prison when California invalidated all death sentences. Linda Kasabian received immunity for acting as a star witness. Susan Atkins also got life in prison. Leslie Van Houten received life in prison. Tex Watson received life in prison. Patricia Krenwinkel is serving life behind bars. Steve Grogan was released from prison in 1985. 
And that's my first ever Serial Killer Saturday post! It took me hours to put it together so I really hope you all enjoyed it!
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wanderlust: Hopeful travel plans in the next two years!

Hey guys! How are you all doing? My Irish readers, all set to vote on Friday? :D I've been so excited to write this up. As you may know, since I first became aware of the bigger world around me, all I've ever wanted to do was explore it. I've saved and scrimped, even when I hadn't the money to spare, as it is my ultimate goal in life to see the world! Because I've saved, I feel in a position to seriously plan out future gallivanting. I am constantly researching other countries cultures and what they have to offer, and watching travel videos. Today, I thought I would share with you all my future places I hope to go in the next two years!
In general, my travel list is quite extensive. It covers most of Europe, especially Scandinavia. In Asia, I would love to go to Thailand, Singapore, China and India. In Africa, I would love to see Madagascar, South Africa, Egypt and Zimbabwe. In America, there's California, New York, Colorado, Washington, Hawaii, and Massachusetts. In South America, there's Brazil, Peru, and Argentina. Don't ask me how I'll afford this, with sheer determination, anything can happen! (and a room full of money, of course!)
But scaling it down to the next two years, I have 5 places in particular I hope to cross off my list, and I hope to visit three of two countries at once, both to save a few euro, and to give me a taste of travelling more than one country at a time, to prepare for my bigger adventures. Those places are Amsterdam, Krakow, Prague, Belgium and Hungary. 

I don't have to wonder when I'll be heading to Amsterdam, because I'm going in just over a month! :D I plan to go to some amazing places while I'm there, including: The Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank House, Vondelpark, Rijksmuseum, De Wallen, the Sex Museum and Electric Ladyland Museum. I also hope to take a bike ride from the city to their gorgeous countryside and hit the Leidseplein Markets! 

Somewhere I hope to go at the end of this year/beginning of next year. I go through patches of really focusing and obsessing of other countries and cultures, I'm a complete Europhile. I've been looking up Polish culture lately. Poland is such a beautiful country with a sad past, especially with Communism and World War II. I feel it's a country with so many hidden gems and it's overlooked a bit. What I would love to see in Krakow is Auschwitz-Birkenau, Oscar Schindler's factory, Old Town and the Jewish Quarter. I would love take in  Krakow's beautiful architecture, cheap food and drink and shop at Galeria Krakowska!

I suppose my reasons for wanting to visit Prague are fairly typical. The Christmas markets! I do love Christmas, but at 22, it's lost most of it's magic for me. I think going to Prague in December would be like stepping in a wonderland! Also, I love looking at the architecture in new places, and Prague has some of the best in Europe. Most of their Baroque style architecture of the 17th and 18th century has been preserved so brilliantly, it would be like stepping back in time! Places I would love to visit are the Christmas markets, the Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle and the Museum of Decorative Arts. 

Ah Belgium. I dream of just escaping to Belgium when things get too much. Instead of flocking to the main places like Brussels and Antwerp, I would much rather head to Bruges and Ghent. The architecture and canals are phenomenal! I would eat like a king in Belgium! I would go here when I fancy jetting off somewhere to relax, somewhere slow paced, and just be. A Lake Isle of Inisfree of sorts. 


Another beautiful country, one with a bloody history. I just recently added Hungary to my travel list. I am dying to see Hungary's beautiful architecture and countryside. Fun fact, some of the book Dracula took place in Budapest. 

And there is where I hope to visit in the next two years! Where in the world would you like to visit? Let me know below!
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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Origin's Checks and Balances frothy face wash

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Happy Thursday! Today, I will be reviewing Checks and Balances frothy face wash by Origins. Since I started blogging, Origins has been a brand that I was always reading and hearing about, and I was desperate to try out, but I never had the money to spend on it, really. But as I had a new job, I made Checks and Balances my first splurge buy, and I was so excited to try it! 

Up until around a year and a half ago, my skin was one of my favourite features, but it started acting up on me, and I was going from product to product to make it better, the more I read about Origins, the more I was convinced it was the brand for me. I wanted a product that would restore the confidence I once had in my skin. 
Check and Balances promises to: Balance out both oily and dry parts of your skin, without one cancelling the other out, and leave a refreshed and comfortable feeling after cleansing. The key ingredients in Checks and Balances are: Konjac Powder- Seeks out excess oil and keeps it in check and balanced. Wheat Protein- Balances out and protects dry zones. Broadleaf Kelp- Breaks down dirt, disperses excess oil, and sends dullness down the drain. Lavender, Spearmint and Bergamot are also included in this cleanser to add pleasure to the process. Check and Balances is Paraben, Phthalate and Sulphate free. First of I bloody love the smell of this cleanser! It's subtle, but the Spearmint is the main note in this cleanser. Very refreshing and calming. The texture is quite this which I really like! 

One of the things I really love about this cleanser, is that very little goes a very long way, I expect to get 5 months out of this cleanser, because it froths up so much, which is amazing! I am so excited to say, that I have finally found my Holy Grail cleanser! Checks and Balances has done so much for my skin, more than any other cleanser in the past could have. It has made my skin so much more clear, it's calmer, brighter, it's calmed down my chin area which is so prone to breakouts. When I use this cleanser, I can actually feel it actively dealing with both my dry and oily patches! It's given me back confidence in my skin. It sorts out mild redness, it's dealt with both dryness and an oily t-zone. My skin is more hydrated, my skin feels squeaky clean and super comfortable after I use it. It helps keep any random blemishes at bay, aswell! 

Origins Checks and Balances frothy face wash costs €25, and in my opinion, is worth every.single.penny. I give it a well deserved 10/10!
Have you tried Checks and Balances yet? What is your favourite product/s from Origins? Let me know below!
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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Broken bones and frustration

Hi everyone! First off, I'm very sorry there was no blog last week. However, I have a very good reason. Last Tuesday in work, I fell down stairs and broke two bones in my hand. Yep. As I was getting ready to head into the kitchen, I flew right into the air (not a tumble by any means) on stairs with very sharp edges. To avoid breaking my back, I instinctively threw my arm behind me. I flew up straight away, terrified I had damaged my back, it took me a few minutes to register that I couldn't move my right hand (Thankfully I'm left handed) I explained what happened to my manager and I was sent home. I figured that I had sprained three fingers as that's where the pain was. It was at half 9 that night I realised that my entire hand had doubled in size! The next morning nothing had changed and thanks to my persistent boyfriend getting me to drag my ass up to A&E and the feeling in the back of my mind that it was more than a sprain, I made myself forget about my fear of doctor's and hatred of hospitals and went to A&E at my local hospital.
After an almost 5 hour wait, I went for an x-ray and I was told I had broken the 3rd and 4th long bones in my hand. I had my hand and forearm casted up, and I went home. On Friday, I met with a doctor at the trauma clinic. Thankfully, I won't need surgery but I'll be in a cast, and out of work for six weeks, minimum.

Oooh, friend!

The worst about this whole thing wasn't the pain, it's the thoughts of being bored and out of work. Since I really like my job and it's amazing experience I was lucky to get because it's relevant to what my dream in the future is. I hate being out of work. So many things I love to do is out of the question for now, cycling, yoga, baking, swimming, to name a few. In hindsight, I know I'm very lucky, the accident could have been so much worse, if I had screwed my back up, there's no easy recovery from that. Something else I find particularly irksome about this is relying on others. I can do most things myself, though I need help putting on bras, tying my laces and such. Since I was little, I was very independent, wanting to do things myself, doing my own thing. I'm 4 11'' and I would rather stand on the shelves in shops than get help from someone taller. If I can't do something small/reach something by myself, I tend to not do it. Much to the annoyance to others around me. But I needed and I'm glad I went and got proper treatment for my hand. I'm a baker, it's my plan in the future to have my coffee shop, I work with my hands. I need them.
 Hopefully, I'll only be in a cast for six weeks. In maybe three weeks, I can go from a cast to a splint and I'll have more movement in my hand. I might need some physio when I get my cast off to get it back to the way it was, and get my movement and my grip back. I'm not exactly looking forward to the weeks ahead without work, when I didn't work, I was never bored, so I hope I can say the same for the next few weeks! Another downside of no work is that I'll be lacking funds, so for a few weeks, beauty reviews may be lacking. There still might be a few but not as many. I really hope that you will all enjoy my upcoming blog posts!
Also, much to my dismay, bandages do not come in black. I asked. :P
Thank you for reading,
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Friday, 1 May 2015

April Favourites

Hey guys! How are you all? Happy Friday! I can't tell you all how long I've been waiting for the Bank Holiday weekend (technically since the last Bank Holiday). April has been a good but busy month for me, and I have a few favourites I wanted to share with you guys. So, here they are! :)

Coffin ring
I'm not a big jewellery fan, but when I saw this ring on the Babydoll Boutique Facebook page, I had to have it! Babydoll Boutique is an amazing little shop in Dublin's Temple Bar, it is an alternative clothing shop, and oh my god, if I had the money, I would drop it all there! It is a gorgeous scarlet ring and stretches to fit, and get this, the coffin opens, pretty snazzy, eh? Work doesn't allow me to wear nail polish, but on the weekends I paint my nails black to go nice with the ring (which I never take off).

Origins Checks and Balances frothy face wash
Stop the clocks, I have finally found... my Holy Grail cleanser! Origins has been a brand I have been desperate to try since I started blogging. Now that I have the extra bit of euro, I decided to treat myself. I will be posting a detailed review on this absolute gem soon. This cleanser both helps my oily and dry patches, calms my skin, gives it a radiant boost and has given me back some much needed confidence in my skin. Love love love! 

Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick
For the full review, read it here. The perfect Summer lipstick in a stunning coral shade. Lovely and creamy, yet lightweight, pigmented and very comfortable on the lips. It has great staying power and is in between a matte and a gloss finish. I love this lipstick so much and I have been wearing it so much lately! 

Trilogy Rosehip oil
Not a new purchase, really, but a repurchase. I have a full review written up here. It is a staple in my skincare routine, and the first serum I have ever tried. After alot of stress last year, my chin broke out frequently, and still does from time to time. However, after an attempt to fix it with horrible Benzoyl Peroxide, I was left with a few scars. This oil has reduced the look of the scars, and makes an amazing deep moisturiser once a week. It leaves me skin hydrated, soft as a baby's ass, radiant and really healthy and fresh looking. It's also great for stretchmarks, uneven skin and scars.

Max Factor Creme Puff blush
A product I recently reviewed. Said to be a dupe for the Ambient Lightning blushes. I picked this up in Lovely Pink, and it was perfect for my pale skin. It gives a lovely flush of subtle colour across the cheeks, it also highlights. It's a soft blush that lasts all day. It is a shimmer satin finish, and just look at the pretty packaging! 

I had to include it, tattoo number six! Look at how pretty! <3

They are my April favourites, what are yours? Let me know below!
Thank you for reading.
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Kim. :)