Saturday, 25 April 2015

Say Yes To Love!

Hey everyone, Happy Saturday! If you're living in Ireland, you are, no doubt, very aware of the referendum coming up regarding same sex marriage. The upcoming referendum will allow marriage for everyone, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. Voters will be asked whether or not ''marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinctions as to their sex'' should be added to the Irish Constitution. This addition to the Constitution does not in the slightest way, change our idea of marriage between a man and a woman as we know it to be, it would also mean that married couples of the opposite and same sex will be recognised as a family and are entitled to constitutional protection. 
This vote is very close to my heart, and I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I'm not alone when I say that. One of my best friends since I was 12 is getting married to her girlfriend next March, I have friends and family who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. I have friends who choose to not put themselves into any box at all. They are beautiful people and I love them so much, but it breaks my heart that they are not currently treated equally in the eyes of the law, and they can't marry the person they love, should they choose to marry in the future. 
The current poll prediction according to The Irish Times (27th March 2015) is 74% Yes to 26% No. This is so promising that this referendum will pass, and by a landslide! It's so exciting, but for the same percentage (or even higher) for the Yes side, it's not enough that we not only support the Yes side, but that we get out on May 22nd and VOTE! I'm also so happy to say that myself, and loads of people I've talked to about the referendum, and articles that I have read, there is overwhelming support for the Yes vote! Even amongst the older generation, there is positive and wonderful support. I have yet to talk or anyone or know anyone that is voting No. The Yes vote also has the support of the government and the major political parties. 
To legalise same sex marriage the the big sensible leap forward for Ireland, especially considering that homosexuality was only decriminalised in 1993. This is the single most important thing we will ever vote for! It will bring Ireland out of the Dark Ages somewhat, and in to the 21st Century. 
How can you make sure you are eligible to vote in the same sex marriage? You must be an Irish citizen and be over 18 and you must be on the Register of Electors. If you're not on the register, fill out this form and bring it in to your local council. If any of your details have changed, you have to fill in this form and send it in to your local council.

I see no reason why in 2015, that same sex couples cannot get married. Also this referendum has nothing to do with children, fostering or adoption, so don't believe anything that comes from the Mothers and Fathers Matter campaign, or the smear campaign against the Yes vote. We all have the right to love and express that love through marriage. Of course, we live in a democratic society where you reserve the right to vote No if you so choose. However, same sex couples getting married does not in any way affect your right to a heterosexual marriage. Voting no won't affect opposite sex marriage, but you are voting against the right for same sex couples to marry. It's simple, if you don't want a same sex marriage don't have one. Love is love, so say Yes to love! 
I'm voting Yes because I can't wait for my best friend to get married. I'm voting Yes because I love my LGBT friends and family. I'm voting yes because marrying the person you love, is not a privilege, but a right. I'm voting Yes because it will bring Ireland into the future. I am above all else, voting Yes, because I love love. 
What kind of an outcome do you hope for after the May 22nd election? Let me know below!
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  1. I didn't know you guys were having a referendum (that's amazing). Here in England - as you must know it was made legal without a referendum and I was so happy knowing that my friends could one day get married because frankly it was about time anyway :) Lovely to see a post about this!

    1. Oh yeah I remember that :) I was so happy for you guys in England and hoped so hard that it would happen here in Ireland soon! Thank you for your lovely comment love :) x