Friday, 17 April 2015

Make-Up Memory Lane

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Happy Friday! A week or two ago, I saw this tag post on Siobhan's blog over at (Go check her out!) and I thought I was an interesting tag to do and brought up some memories! Feel free to steal this tag if you want to. :)

First make-up item ever purchased?
Wow, I think I was only nine when I first purchased make-up! The first make-up I remember buying is a cheap glitter eyeliner in the pound shop for £2 I'd say! Which I proceeded to apply all over my lid. Ah, memories...

First MAC item?
I actually only popped my MAC cherry last September! I bought Lightscapade and reviewed it here.

First high end make-up splurge?
Honestly, I've never been a big high-end make-up person. I prefer high end skincare. I think it was Benefit though.

First makeover experience?
Oh I remember that really well. I was 15 and I was in Essex. In one of the shopping centres, a sales assistant pulled me aside and tried some different products on me. She made my skin so caked and orange looking, ugh.
First make-up brush?
My 17 kabuki face brush. I still have it, it's really great! Perhaps I shouldn't still have it, now that I think about it...

First eye shadow?
A horrid lime green shadow from Bourjois!

First skincare ''investment?''
I've been buying skincare products since I was thirteen. I think it was some three step cleanser, toner and moisturiser from Avon.

First nail polish owned?
I've never been a big nail polish fan. But it was probably one of those harmless nail polishes that you could easily peel off your nails. I loved peeling it off! I sometimes used to paint my nails with it just to peel it off, haha! #sad

First fake tan attempt?
I actually never liked fake tan, but I was made put it on for weddings and such. The last time I wore it was when I was 15. Embrace the pale!

And that is my trip down Make-Up Memory Lane! Feel free to steal this tag if you want to, and if you do, leave me links below. I really loved this tag and would be interested in reading more!
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

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