Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lush bath haul!

Hey guys! I hope you are all well. Today, I'm doing a Lush bath haul! I was in Dublin around a month ago and I picked up some really lovely bath products and I thought I would share what I bought with you lovely lot. As you might have read in a few of my previous posts, I'm not a bath person, but aching muscles and stress have made me more inclined to take a bath once a week (why it took a while to put up this post) So let's get started!

Blackberry Bath Bomb
Quite a lovely bath bomb. With Bergamot and Frankincense oils, this bath bomb promotes aromatherapy, Bergamot is used to combat anxiety and depression (or if you just had a bad day) and Frankincense slows down breathing. Though it is a lovely bath bomb, it dried out my skin a bit and left a purple residue around the tub. I love the gorgeous sweet smell, the beautiful purple colour the water turns and the little surprise paper in the middle, a bit of a novelty! A nice bath bomb, really relaxing, but not something I would buy time and time again. 7/10. €4.85

A new favourite, though I do wish it was a bit bigger! I would use this next time along with another bath bomb. I bought Butterball half price as part of the Baby Frosty knot wrap set, which also came with Shoot For The Stars. Butterball contains pieces of Cocoa Butter for smooth and soft skin and Ylang Ylang oil for a floral scent. I adore the sweet, cocoa butter, vanilla scent of this bath bomb! As you drop this in the water, the pieces of Cocoa Butter melt and float right to the top. This left my skin feeling so soft and silky. I would 100% repurchase! 9/10. €5 including Shoot For The Stars.

Shoot For The Stars
Hands down the prettiest bath bomb I have ever used! When it's dropped into the bath, it fizzes away into a few different colours, yellow, blue and purple mainly, and leaves a trail of gorgeous silver lustre behind. Added with Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil, this scent for Shoot For The Stars is inspired by Honey I Washed The Kids (I really must try that). It has a really nice honey/caramel smell, and left my skin and bathroom smelling amazing! And it didn't leave any residue or dry my skin out. It's a huge bath bomb, so you could possibly get two uses out of it, but I wanted to use it all in one go. My new favouite bath bomb. 10/10. €5 including Butterball.

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
Almost exactly similar to the scent of Lush's most loved Snow Fairy, I could not smelling this bubble bar! It is heaven! It smells like candy floss, Cocoa Butter, vanilla, Snow Fairy, absolute sweetness. Because it has Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil in it, it left my skin feeling so silky soft and hydrated, that I didn't need to moisturise afterwards. It left the bathroom and my skin smelling delicious for ages, and it let out loads of bubbles when your crumble it under the tap. 100% would repurchase. 10/10. €4.80

Hottie Massage Bar
I loved Hottie Massage Bar so much! But I knew not to expect all it promises to deliver, and unfortunately, I was right not to. Hottie Massage Bar promises to work wonders on seriously sore muscles. I suffer from chronic pains in my neck and my shoulders. When I tried this, it only gave relief for a few minutes, oh well. However, it made for an amazing massage bar! The bumps on top was so relieving and relaxing. The black pepper and ginger oils in Hottie added a pleasant, warming effect. Also, this is one of the best products I've used as a moisturiser! Hottie includes Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, and because of its butter base, it melts right on the skin. It takes a while to sink in, but it's worth it. It adds fantastic shine to the legs, so it's perfect for a night out. I would repurchase this over and over. 9/10. €7.80.

I know I'll never be a full on bath person, but when I really need to take a bath, Lush products make them so much better. I don't think I'll ever be able to stop saying enough good things about Lush! 
What are your favourite Lush bath products? Let me know below! 
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Kim. :)

Monday, 23 February 2015

Oscar's 2015 Best Dressed!

Hey guys! It's that time of year again, AWARDS SEASON! I had originally planned a haul post for today, but I decided to scrap it and work late into the night on an Oscar's Best Dressed post and have it up ASAP, just for you guys! So, here are my picks on who I thought looked particularly stunning! Honestly, I thought overall, alot of the dresses were very typical and sort of same-ish, but some beautiful pieces did catch my eye! 

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka.

Let's start off with this year's Oscar's host, shall we? The ever handsome and fantastic Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka. I love Neil Patrick Harris, I really, really do! I think he and his husband couldn't look any more well put together and dapper. Forgoing the typical black suit, Neil is wearing a custom made Brunello Cucinelli light grey tuxedo and tie, while David is rocking a Calvin Klein tuxedo and Hamilton shirt. They both look absolutely smashing! 

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie always looks stunning- no doubt about it. However, she takes it to the next level, in one of my favourite designer's dress, Yves Saint Laurent! The dress has so much going for it, the gorgeous flow of the dress, the plunging neckline and the sheer long sleeves. It was perfect! I also love that it was paired with a well executed red lip and a beautiful necklace. One of my favourite looks of the night! 


If I thought I could pull off/maintain dreadlocks for a second, I would have had them by now. I've always loved and admired dreads and those who had them! 18 year old Zendaya looks so flawless here! Wearing a slinky white Vivienne Westwood gown here, she's kept it simple make-up and accessory wise, her strong eyes, eye make-up and drop earrings accentuate how breathtaking Zendaya looks here! 

Sienna Miller

Just when I was feeling 'meh' and bored of this year's Oscar dress's, the beauty that is Sienna Miller pops up on to my Twitter in this stunning Oscar De La Renta guna! It took my breath away. The detailing in this dress is what excites me most. The lace detail with the sheer material near the hem, the bow details and the thick shoulder straps. It shows off Sienna's knockout body. She kept the look simple with a diamond bracelet and black clutch. I also love her make-up! Her cheekbone game is strong!

Katie Cassidy

Without a doubt one of the most stunning looks of the night. Katie Cassidy kills it with this on point Julien MacDonald number. A 'naked' dress, with the sheer panelling throughout, and eye catching gold leaf detailing, showing off her fantastic figure, with a beautiful train to boot. The dress has been accessorised perfectly, with statement diamond earrings and a golden metal clutch. A beautiful soft curl hairstyle and flawless make-up finishes off the look. 

Kelly Osbourne

Oh oh Kelly O, how astonishing you looked! Wearing an all black Rita Vinieris dress with a lace, semi-sheer bodice top, I love the neckline. The icing on the cake however, was the bottom half, wow! The organza, asymmetric, dramatic hem was so so stunning and I've never seen anything like it before. I need it in my wardrobe. Worn with simple strappy heels and an eye catching multicoloured clutch, a plum lip and the lilac fauxhaux, Kelly O looked phenomenal! 

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon always looks stunning on the red carpet. The 2015 Oscars are no different! This year, Reese rocked up to the Oscars in an outstanding Tom Ford gown. This dress is such a classic, monochrome beauty. I love the off the shoulder straps and the black sash in just the right place around the waist. This figure hugging dress accentuates Reese's curves and the neckline shows off her d├ęcolletage, which I love. The dress was kept simple with diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet. A very well executed look! 

And they are my picks for the Oscars 2015 Best Dressed! Who were your favourites on the red carpet? Let me know below!
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Kim. :)

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Signature Scent

Hey guys, happy Friday! I hope you are all well. Today, I'm going to talk about The Signature Scent, but what is a Signature Scent? It's the perfume that you couldn't be without, that you put above all others, the scent that gives comfort to your loved ones, because it's familiar, only associated with you. The perfume you try to save for special occasions, because it costs so much, but you use anyway, to make you feel better on your not so great days. Everyone has their Signature Scent. Mine, is DNKY Woman. 
I first came across DNKY Woman when I was in Essex for my cousin's wedding, I was sixteen. My eyes lit up when shopping the day after the wedding, at the Perfume Shop, I could actually afford to indulge on a beautiful perfume like my mother has, and her mother. I tried and tested so much, then I came across DNKY Woman, and it was love at first sniff. It was everything I loved in a perfume. It was clean, fresh, sharp and crisp. It was sweet, but not sickly, and very sophisticated.
 The perfect Signature Scent brings back so many happy memories, of course. It reminds me of Essex, and applying it first in the hotel and being over the moon, it reminds me of many happy nights out with my friends, it reminds me of getting ready to see my boyfriend when we first went out and I really wanted to impress him. It reminds me of the times I had a crappy day, and I would put this on, and it gave me a little pep in my step.

DNKY Woman is described as ''An urban floral, a vibrant burst of blood orange, drenched in refreshing chilled Vodka, infused with ripe vine tomato, which gives the effect of cut grass in Central Park.. Inspired by the spirit and energy of New York.'' The heart notes in DNKY are: Daffodil, Orchid and Water Lily. The top notes are Blood Orange, Tomato Leaf and Vodka. The base notes are Birch and Tulip.
DNKY Woman costs €52 for 50ml (though most times I can get it for cheaper) and it's worth every single euro.
What is your Signature Scent? Let me know below!
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Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ayesha face mask

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Today I'll be reviewing Lush's Ayesha face mask. Because my skin is prone to awful breakouts in the freezing weather, I wanted to try out this face mask, its description ticked all the boxes for me and sounded the most suitable. So when I was in Lush, I picked it up. The Ayesha face mask promises to: Brighten dull spots on the skin, nourish skin and absorb excess oil, to hydrate and soothe any redness. It also promises to remove fine lines (pssh, yeah) and to transform dull and tired skin to a bright glow.

The key ingredients in Ayesha are: Fresh Kiwi- to cleanse and brighten the skin. Asparagus- High in nutrients. Fullers Earth- Cleansing and it's absorbent (fantastic if you have oily skin!) Rosemary oil- Relaxing and it has antiseptic properties. I use Lush face masks twice a week, because the face masks are fresh, they only last for three weeks, so I apply a good amount all over my face, leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off with a cloth and cold water and pat dry.
 I really dislike that the masks only last for three weeks, because it means some is left to go to waste. The smell of Ayesha isn't too overpowering like some Lush face masks can be, it smells quite earthy, I really like it!

 Ayesha left my skin feeling soft, smooth, fresh and bright, though those results felt somewhat temporary. It hasn't helped my breakouts so much, and I seem to be getting more, if anything. I'm iffy on Ayesha, to be honest. I think I'll stick to Catastrophe Cosmetic in the future. This costs €8.95 for 75g, but I got it for free for bringing in five empty black Lush tubs. I don't think I'll buy it again. I give it a 6/10.
Have you tried Ayesha before? What did you think? What is your favourite Lush face mask? Let me know below!
Thank you for reading,
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Kim. :)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Beauty and The Sleep by House of Fraser

Hey guys! How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing splendidly. :) Coming up to Valentine's Day, how can we make sure we are looking our best, whether we're single and treating ourselves, loved up, or spending it with the cat? House of Fraser have put together this pretty fly infographic on how to get a good night's sleep, hair and make-up tips, and Feng Shui for better sleep! As this is the first blog I'm doing for a company, I thought it only fair to let you all know that, I will never, ever put anything up on Lipstick and Lightening that I didn't think would fit my blog. I've wanted to write to some on these points before, but it wouldn't be a very long post, and as I apply alot of these tips myself, I love this infrographic and I think it's useful. :) 
Source House of Fraser

I thought I would elaborate on some of my favourite points from the infographic aswell.

Remove make-up- I think we all know the pain of leaving on a full face of make-up after partying a bit too hard, and waking up feeling gross, ugh. Never, ever go to bed with a trace of make-up still on! It causes blemishes, wrinkles, acne and breakouts. It also makes your pillow dirty, causing more harm to your skin. Also, ditch the make-up wipes, ASAP. They dry out your skin so badly. Buy a micellar water or a cream or oil based cleanser, and you'll wake up feeling fresh faced! 

Cut out the heat- Every time up until a year ago, after I washed my hair, I blow dried and straightened my hair, and straightened it again in the morning. Oh dear god, what was I thinking? Now, I let it dry naturally and straighten my hair 2-3 times a week, embracing my curls. The difference of my hair between then and now is phenomenal! So much more hydrated, stronger and healthier. Get into the habit switching heated tools for styling cream, and plait it for beachy waves if you wish. Sorted! 

Scents- Having some kind of candle or incense burning before you go to bed makes going to sleep all the more pleasurable. It can calm and relax you, and gives a homey, cosy warm feeling. Make sure it's nothing too overpowering though. My preferences are vanilla candles and sage incense, but lavender is a popular choice also. 

Environment- Your bedroom is your safe haven and a sanctuary. You should love to come home after a long day and enjoy coming into your room, especially to sleep, so the environment in your room should be peaceful, tranquil and free of any clutter. Make sure there are no distractions in your room so you can focus on getting a good night's sleep, this means no study or work related books/papers, no exercise equipment and no phones! 

Air Flow- For a better sleep, I usually leave my window open for a half an hour before I go to bed to let in fresh air and clear the air. I do the same in the morning for around an hour or ore to keep the air circulating. Who wants to sleep in a stuffy bedroom?

Fresh Sheets- Possibly the best way to get a fabulous sleep! I don't need to remind all y'all the excitement of going to bed with fresh sheets on, especially with just shaven legs! Ah, bliss. Comfort at its finest. Also, it's so important and hygienic to change your sheets often. I need to buy some new sheets soon, and I'm thinking Egyptian Cotton, to see what all the fuss is about! 

Forever relevant!

And there you have it, some fantastic tips from House of Fraser! What are some of your favourite tips to look your best and have a great night's sleep? Let me know below! 
Thank you all for reading, 
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Monday, 9 February 2015

Organix Biotin and Collagen hair mist

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well. Today, I'll be reviewing the Organix Biotin and Collagen hair mist. Reading through copious blog posts and completely sold on the oil hair mist rage, I knew I had to pick one up for myself, as an alternative to a heavier feeling oil hair serum. So I picked this up and decided to give this a try. I've tried Organix hair products before and I loved them. This Organix oil hair mist promises to create the appearance of thicker, fuller and thicker hair and to tame flyaways.

This hair mist is blended with Vitamin B7, Biotin, Collagen and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein. All great ingredients for strong and healthy hair. The Organix Biotin and Collagen hair mist made my hair shine fantastically! It looked healthier and it tamed flyaways. It tamed stubborn hairs and this is especially useful when I leave my hair in its natural curly state and I have a slight bit of fluffy or frizzy bits. I love the gorgeous holographic packaging, it's so pretty! The packaging is so handy too, just like a spray. There's no smell as such from the hair mist, it's a very subtle sweet scent. I use this after I have styled my hair as a finishing touch. It says to spray it all over damp hair, I've yet to use it like this, but I will the next time I wash my hair.

 This feels so so weightless, I love it! My hair felt so soft and smooth and it didn't oil up my hands like oil serums that I usually use. It is a very light mist. This cost me €9.99 for 118ml, I wish it was a bigger bottle, but sure. I would 100% repurchase this! I give it 10/10
Have you tried Organix Biotin and Collagen hair mist before or anything from the Organix range? Let me know below! 
Thank you all for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Friday, 6 February 2015

Ultimate Shine shampoo bar

Hi guys! How are you all on this glorious Friday? ;) Today, I am reviewing Lush's (Oh dear god, another Lush review?!) Ultimate Shine shampoo bar! I bought Ultimate Shine as a change from Lush's Seanik shampoo bar as my hair was looking quite lacklustre and I wanted to add some shine and life to the gruaige. Reading through the shampoo options on Lush's website, Ultimate Shine seemed like the best choice. 

Ultimate Shine promises to: Make dull hair gleam, have squeaky clean hair, an oil free scalp and to add balance to the scalp and hair. The key ingredients in Ultimate Shine are: Ylang Ylang- Added to make dull hair gleam. Creates a lovely, floral scent. Elemi Oil- Great for the scalp as it keeps it balanced and in good condition, and to cleanse and tone the scalp. Violet Leaf Absolute- Keeps away any microbes, breaks down oil and leaves you with a clean and well cared for scalp and hair. I love the subtle scent of Ultimate Shine. It's not overpowering and just has a subtle, floral scent from the Ylang Ylang. 

I think Ultimate Shine would really have worked better on someone who has limp, fine hair, that needs to be washed everyday, because of a build up of oil. Or on someone with a problem or sensitive scalp. I don't have any problems with my scalp and I have very thick hair that doesn't have any oil build up. As a result, I don't think I felt all of the lovely benefits that Ultimate Shine has to offer. While it did leave my hair soft, shiny, feeling healthy and extra clean and fresh, it also added some well missed life, for me, it's been an underwhelming shampoo bar, compared to others that I have tried from Lush. It would definitely suit fine haired people and those who have problems with their scalp. 
I give Ultimate Shine a 7/10, and this cost me €7.95. I'm not so sure if I would repurchase, I might, because I did feel some benefits from Ultimate Shine. 
Have you tried Ultimate Shine yet? What did you think? Let me know below!
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :) 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Blogging: Finding Your Niche!

Niche: A position or activity that particularly suits somebody's talents and personality or that somebody can make his or her own. 
Hi guys! Today, I am talking about something a little different, finding your blog's niche, particularly in beauty blogging. Don't wince and have flashbacks of Higher Level Business when I say 'niche', though based on the same principal, it's a little different, and alot more interesting. When it comes to blogging, what is your niche? Your Unique Selling Point? What makes your blog stand out? How do you differ from the other blogs out there? Can you figure it out? If you can, well, that's your niche! And if you don't have a niche, that's perfectly fine, too.
The concept of having a niche for your blog was something that was re-iterated at the Irish Blogger Conference. I think it was Keith Mahon from, that said, if your blog did not have a niche, readers may lose interest in your blog. That was a statement I disagree with, but I understand his viewpoint. I disagree with this because I believe some readers will regularly read your blog if what you post is interesting, if you interact with your readers, take great photos and have impeccable grammar. If you let your personality shine through your posts, you will gain a loyal readership. No matter if you blog about fashion, beauty, sport, travelling, gardening, and anything in between. However, I think following blogs with a specific niche can be very handy. For example, if I wanted product recommendations on face make-up, I'll turn to Makeup Monster, if I wanted fantastic tutorials on eye make-up, I'll look towards Grace O'Connell, I go to Tattooed Tealady for skincare recommendations and I love Essie Button for travel, lifestyle and general lols. Someone who has a niche, I think I would trust their opinion on certain subjects more because that's what they specialise in and seem to have more knowledge on a certain subject.
I have only found my niche two months ago. I found my niche after delving into my archive, I looked at what I focused on in blogs, what I thought was important to say in blogs. Since I am a beauty blogger, I also looked at what I bought, and why I bought it. What were the patterns? What was important to me when buying something? What excited me when writing up a review? Soon, a very obvious pattern emerged. I realised I focused on make-up and skincare that was eco and animal friendly, preferably natural, products containing no nasty ingredients. I would consider my niche to be: Beauty and skincare that focuses on ingredients and natural eco and animal friendly products. That being said, I don't write about this in 100% of posts! I like to write some opinion and lifestyle pieces from time to time!

Lush Cosmetics. A brand I write about quite alot. It's in line and perfect for my niche!
If you really want to find a niche for your blog, I have a few tips that could come in handy! 1) What excites you when doing up a blog post? Is it a particular brand that you really rate? Have you excellent photo editing skills that make a post really attractive? Remember, photos can make or break a post. Do you focus on ingredients? Perhaps you prefer to post about high end or budget products? When you identify this, you can hone this and make this aspect even better. :) 2) Look over your posts. Is there anything in particular you like to blog about? If a pattern emerges that you have a high blog post count on for example, travelling, that could be a sign that that's what you are passionate enough about to blog about the most. Try and find a pattern. 3) If you are a blogger that needs you to make regular purchases, like a beauty, food or fashion blogger, what draws you to buying a certain product, food or clothing? Do you support local business? Do you specialise in rustic or fusion food? Are you more into skincare rather than make-up? Write about what truly interests you, and your passion will shine through! :) Don't write about what everyone else and your readers want. At the end of the day, it's your blog, it's your voice. Use it however you see fit.

Don't worry if you can't find your niche. It takes time, inspiration and discovering what you truly love to blog about. I'm blogging for a year and six months, and I only discovered my blog's niche around two months ago. Experimenting with different posts can also help. It is not 100% necessary for your blog to have a niche, this post is just (hopefully) trying to help those who really think that discovering a niche for their blog will help. Like I said, blog about whatever you want, so as long as you do with your personality shining through and passion, you will have a loyal and regular readership. :)
I hope this blog helped some of you out there! Does your blog have a niche? What is it? Do you prefer to read posts that have a certain niche or those who post about anything? Let me know below!
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim, :)