Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Botanics All Bright Night Cream

Hey guys! This year, I have developed a relationship with night creams. I love a good night cream because they're thicker, richer and super hydrating, which is fantastic, especially for the Winter weather. They work best at night because skin is at its most receptive, leaving skin so plump, hydrated, soft and radiant, compared to an everyday moisturiser. Also this year, I came across the Boot's Botanics range and fell in love. It's a fantastic skin care range, for a great price and it is (in some products) mostly organic and eco-friendly! Need I say more?

The consistency is really nice, thick, smooth and creamy. The Botanics night cream promises brighter and smoother skin by morning. The key ingredients in this are Natural AHAs-  The natural AHA's from the Hibiscus flower act as mild exfoliators, leaving skin smoother and softer. Hyaluronic Acid-  Proven to boost moisture levels in the skin. Hibiscus- To brighten the skin. Shea Butter- To soften the skin. The Botanics night cream left my skin feeling hydrated and softer. It also looked more radiant and brighter, fantastic! Especially as Winter dulls my skin. I use this every night after using toner and massage it into my skin. This is best for normal/dry skin. I have combination skin and it's been great for my dry patches! I love Botanics especially because it is an eco-friendly brand! A great deal of products in the range are mostly organic. There are no parabens, it's people tested and the (cute) packaging is 100% recyclable. The Botanics All Bright night cream cost me a fantastic €3.49 for 50ml, got to love half price! I give this night cream a 10/10 and I would 100% buy it again!

Have you tried this night cream what did you think? What do you think of Boot's Botanics range? Let me know below!
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Kim. :)

Friday, 21 November 2014

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Waterproof mascara

Hey guys! I have been on the lookout for an alternative for my Benefit They're Real! mascara, and I have read so many of the rave reviews on this Bourjois mascara, and I couldn't wait to try it, and I found the waterproof version, even better! This mascara wand has the standard barrel brush with little spikes all over it so it can cover the smallest of lashes. The wand covers each lash, even the smallest ones and only one coat of mascara is needed, which is brilliant! This mascara really volumises and lengthens my lashes. It's a really dark black mascara so it adds a nice bit of drama to my lashes. Compared to They're Real! it's not a really wet mascara so it dries quickly, which I love. At the end of the day, using micellar water, it is super easy to remove 100%, so you don't get panda eyes the next morning!

With the 1 Seconde mascara, there is no irritation. With They're Real! the mascara really started to irritate and sting my eyes. It also started to and created a black shadow under my waterline. As much as I love the Benefit mascara, but the irritation and the price tag, I won't be buying it again, as much as I love it. This mascara feels really easy and weightless on my eye lashes, so I think this mascara would suit sensitive eyes really well! I love the packaging, with the mirror effect, it's packaging looks and feels quite luxe. There is a stopper at the top of the tube, so it takes away any excess mascara so you don't need to apply more than you need. When twisting the wand back on, listen for a click, this will tell you it's properly shut, so it won't dry out on you, which I loved so much! The Bourjois 1 Seconde mascara has become a daily staple in my make-up routine. It's no hassle, effortless, weightless, and overall, just works well for me!  This in my opinion, would be a great alternative for a more expensive mascara, or if you're broke. This mascara cost me €12.99 and I would 100% repurchase! I give it a 10/10.

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think of it? Let me know below!
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Kim. :)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

La Roche Posay Toleraine dermo cleanser

Hey guys! Wanting a change from Lush's Aqua Marina (Which I love, but not for Winter) I was looking for a richer cleanser, and I read fantastic reviews on this La Roche Posay cleanser, so I decided to give it a try. It appealed to me because I love non chemical skin care, and this cleanser is fragrance, paraben, surfectant and preservative free. I wanted a soothing and hydrating cleanser for Winter, because I have combination skin, my dry patches can flare up. Because it's not a harsh formula, it is fantastic for sensitive skin and it suits all types of intolerant skin.

The La Roche Posay Toleraine cleanser is marketed as both a cleanser and a make-up remover. To use this, I just wet my face and massage it into my skin and leave it on for a minute or two, rinse clean and pat dry. I'm not so sure it should be marketed as a make-up remover fluid aswell, it removed 90% of my face make-up but not my eye make-up (which was just mascara) so before I use this, I would use a micellar water underneath. There's absolutely no smell off of this, which I love, because skincare with a heavy fragrance just really puts me off.
Honestly, I found this cleanser very... meh. It didn't do much or improve my skin in any noticeable way. It did keep my skin balanced, however it didn't help a breakout on my chin nor did I notice any change in my skin, and it didn't do much in the way of helping dry patches, I was disappointed because I read so many reviews that this cleanser did combat dry patches. I wish it improved or helped something on some level. I don't love this cleanser, I don't hate it. I simply feel meh about it. This is not the cleanser for me, I'll be switching back over to Clarins Gentle Foaming cleanser or Botanics Hot Cloth cleansing balm (which I am dying to try!) This would suit those with sensitive skin this just want their face cleaned, no frills. I definitely wouldn't repurchase this. I give it a 5/10 and it cost me €14.15, but you can get it for €10.90 in Boots.

Have you tried this cleanser before? What did you think? What are your meh products? Let me know below!
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4Kim. :)

Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Harry Potter tag!

Hi guys! I've hit sort of a writer's block today so, when in doubt, do a tag! I came across this Harry Potter tag a while back. I love Harry Potter so so much, I thought it would be a fun one to do, while I try to get the creative juices flowing again. So here we go! 

What is your favourite book?
Easy. The Half Blood Prince. I love getting a back story to Tom Riddle's early life, how he became Voldemort, how he managed to become immortal, I thought it was incredibly interesting and vital to the story. I liked the character of Horace Slughorn, but the character of Lavender Brown pissed me off so much, and I think that was the point, so in that respect, she's well written. Also, the chapter with Dumbledore's funeral (The White Tomb) is the most beautifully described parts in all seven books, I adore it. Also, I love the sense of foreboding all throughout Half Blood Prince.

What is your favourite film?
It's between two. The Half Blood Prince, mostly for the same reasons as above, and I thought it was the most visually appealing. I really love Deathly Hallows part two aswell. I think it comes as such a shock to discover the duality and hidden side to Snape (I cry everytime). It thought me that love really does conquer all. It's the most gripping film because all that's building up, especially since The Goblet of Fire has all come to a head, and I loved seeing it play out.

What is your least favourite book? 
Ahh don't do this, I loved them all. I suppose one I wouldn't reach for as much is Chamber of Secrets. Compared to the the other books, it's just tame and not much happens compared to the others. Also, I haaaated Professor Lockhart (though I felt a bit sorry for him in Order of The Phoenix).

What is your least favourite film?
Chamber of Secrets for the same reasons as above. Though I loved the film Order of The Phoenix, I was incredibly annoyed about how much was left out of it, whereas Chamber of Secrets includes almost everything from the book.

Parts of the books/films that made you cry?
God, in Order of The Phoenix when Molly Weasley can't get rid of the boggart in Grimmauld Place and it keeps transforming into her family members dead. In OOTP when we see Neville's parents in St.Mungos. The wand salute in the movie when Dumbledore dies. It's a given that I'll be a weepy mess for most of Deathly Hallows (book and part 2)  Fred Weasley's death, Tonks and Lupin's death, Snape's death and Snape's memories are the absolute worst. 

If you could hook up with any character, who would it be?
Looks wise, it would be Draco Malfoy, ugh, such a beaut (HBP upwards). Personality wise I would go for one of the Weasley twins, I would never stop laughing and getting into shenanigans.

Who is your favourite character? 
Ahh, that's a hard one. I can't possibly choose just one. I would say Luna Lovegood, she's so different and doesn't care in the least, I adore Luna. Also Professor McGonagall, she's fantastic, dignified, cares about her students and held her own against Umbridge. I loved Hagrid so much too. He's extremely loyal and loving, and an animal lover like myself. :)

Who is your least favourite character? 
Dolores Umbridge! Oh my god, I can't even describe the hatred I have for her. She has absolutely no redeeming features. She's the perfect combination of what I hate in a person. She follows law blindly, she's greedy, power hungry, cruel, prejudiced, sadistic, ruthless, corrupt, malevolent, a torturer.

What would your Patronus be? 
Oh it's 100% going to be a cat.

What would you choose, The Resurrection Stone, The Elder Wand or the Cloak of Invisibility?
I would choose The Cloak of Invisibility. I would get away with so much and have so much fun with it! 

Have you been sorted into a house in Pottermore?
Yeah. I got sorted into Gryffindor, which I was really happy about. I think it suits me best out of all the houses. :)

What position would you play in Quidditch?
I think I'd have the most fun playing Beater, but I lack considerable upper arm strength. :( I think I would serve best as Seeker, my eyesight is pretty good and I'm fairly observant.

Were you happy with the ending?
Hmm. I suppose I was. I really love Ron and Hermoine together and I'm glad they got together. As devastating as it was to have Teddy grow up without Tonks and Lupin, he is practically family to the Potters, and he's given a better lot in life than Harry had. I wish we knew more about how Draco Malfoy ended up, what he did. Overall, it was a good ending.

How much does Harry Potter mean to you?
The World, the Moon and Stars. I got really into Harry Potter later in life, when my life fell apart and everything I knew was being ripped apart. The books and the movies were the best form of escapism for me and added magic into my life. And because of that, Harry Potter will always have a place in my heart. Always.

There you go! I hoped you enjoyed reading that as much as I loved writing it! Feel free to steal it if you want, and I'll try have a proper post up early next week.
What do you do when you have writer's block? Let me know below, it'd be a great help. :)
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Kim. :)

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Top 5 brands I have to try!

Hi guys! Since I've started blogging, I have come across a multitude of fantastic skincare and make-up brands I have been dying to try! In the midst of all those amazing brands, five in particular stand out to me. However, money and lack of availability/crazy delivery prices have stopped me. I usually prefer to see and swatch something before I buy it. These are the brands and their products I need to have in my life.

Since blogging and finding many bloggers whom I love, Origins is the one brand I have never heard one bad word about. Every review on a product from the range is mentally added to my ever growing wishlist! I love the ethos of the Origins brand aswell, it really appeals to me. Origin products are formulated with organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. There are no nasties included such as animal ingredients, paraffin, parabens, perolatum or DEA. They also manufacture using renewable resources, wind energy and earth friendly practices. Social responsibility, wha? It's a brand that seems to really make a difference to the skin. Plus, the packaging is gorgeous. Origins ain't cheap, however. To buy something from the Origins range, it would have to be a real treat! Products I want to try from this range is the Drink Up Intensive moisturiser, GinZing moisturiser, Make A Difference night cream and Plantscription eye cream. 

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. 
Actually not a brand I came across blogging. I heard of the brand on Jeffree Star's Instagram! He was rocking OCC's lip tar, Techopagan. I fell in love instantly. I have to have it! Technopagan is a metallic dark blue, yes, blue. It is beautiful! Going on to the website when I discovered Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, it was quite clear you would not find a brand like this in Boots, for instance. OCC is 100% vegan and cruelty free, such a bonus! Their eyes range is so vibrant, but I'm so much more drawn to their gorgeous lip tars. Particularly Technopagan. OCC lip tars contain hemp oil and vitamin e, which means they're hydrating too.

Another well love skincare brand in the blogging community and beyond. Ren is a brand I've become really familiar with and drawn to in recent times. The fantastic reviews really speak for themselves. Ren sums its philosophy up in three words: Performance. Groundbreaking formulation with rigorous product testing and clinically proven results. Purity. Using only 100% plant and mineral ingredients and products free from synthetic ingredients. (You can visit the Ren website to see the extensive list of what isn't included in Ren products)  Pleasure. With the fragrance, texture and experience using Ren, they promise a great experience and time using them! What I would love to try from Ren is their Micropolish Cleanser, Glycolatic Radiance Renewal mask and Resurfacing AHA Concentrate.

I was so delighted earlier on this year when I heard NYX had finally come to Ireland! I have to say, it is a cheap brand with quality products, and I found out recently that there actually is a NYX stockist in a town near me! So excited. The next time I'm there, I will, without a doubt. be stocking up. There's always been great reviews on NYX products, especially on their eye products. I can't wait to raid a NYX stand when I get the chance! What I would love to try in this brand is a few of their lip butters, an eyeshadow palette and Proof It eyeshadow primer.

When I read other reviews on Nars products, believe me when I say I'm an envious Kim. To me, the Nars brand just screams luxury. I'm willing to invest in premium skincare, but I'm less inclined to pay through the nose for high end make-up because I can find great make-up on the high street. To splurge on a Nars product, it would definitely have to be a one off treat. There is so much I would love from Nars. The Audacious lipstick line is just so so beautiful! What I would really love from Nars is a lipstick from the Audacious range and Nars sheer matte foundation.

And they are my picks! What brands would you try if you got the chance? What would you buy? Let me know below!
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Friday, 7 November 2014

L'Oreal's Colour Riche Pure Reds Collection

Hey chums! I hope you are all doing well. :) It's no secret I have a penchant for lipsticks. So when I heard of this collection, I was so excited and I was delighted when I got my hands on one of these gorgeous lipsticks! The Pure Reds collection is a follow up from the Pure Nudes collection, which I didn't buy anything from (Nude lipsticks just remind me of foundation lips, which I just don't want to pull off). The Pure Reds collection is beautiful, with 4 different shades and each with different undertones, like blue and coral. Each collection is represented by L'Oreal spokes models Blake Lively, Frieda Pinto, Liya Kebede and Julianne Moore. The collection promises to have a red to suit everyone. After much humming and hawing over which one to get, I decided on Blake's red. I liked this shade the best in the collection. It is a deep ruby red that I think goes really well with my pale skin and dark hair. Blake's red has blue undertones, that works best with cool skin tones. I really love the creamy, velvety formulation of this lipstick. It has a matte finish and for a matte lipstick, it wasn't drying at all and it didn't highlight any imperfections or dry lips! Something that caught my attention with this lipstick is that it has that classic ''lipstick smell'' if you know what I mean? It reminds me of watching my mam get ready and stealing her lipstick after she was finish with it. Haha, nostalgia. :)

The packaging is just so beautiful too. It's a gorgeous black and gold (Which I am a complete sucker for) with a snakeskin texture. The shade suits me really well and it's staying power is fantastic, lasting almost throughout the day. The pigmentation is fantastic! I haven't had to top it up through the day when I'm out and about. I apply this over foundation, fixing powder and my red Rimmel 1'000 kisses lipliner. If you don't want a softer, less full on look, you can dab it on with your finger, because it is so pigmented. If you've never rocked red lips, this range would be perfect to start with. Nothing makes you feel as fabulous as rocking red lips. ;) It is fantastic for the upcoming party season. I really can't wait for their next collection! 
For the quality, pigmentation and staying power of these lipsticks, the price is really reasonable. It costs €11.99 and I give it a well deserved 10/10!

Have you tried any of the lipsticks from the Pure Reds collection? What did you think? Let me know below.
Thank you for reading, 
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Jumping Juniper

Hi guys! While in Paris, I picked up a different shampoo bar along with my beloved repurchase, Seanik bar, for a change and try something new out. Because all the labels and descriptions were in French (I know basic French, but not enough) I barely understood what I was buying and got a little lost in translation, a mistake I won't make again. I usually do my research, but I was just so excited to see a Lush in Paris (Rue de Rivoli) ! Also, the Parisian Lush staff were so, so friendly with brilliant English. :) But I thought ''Oooh, a purple one!'' and snatched it up. I didn't realise Jumping Juniper was for oily hair! As a girl who's hair is so thick it almost swallowed a bobbin and who's hair is so thick that it formed a natural dreadlock once, haha, it didn't do much for me. My hair never gets greasy so I didn't find it particularly useful. After I dried my hair, I found it a bit of a nightmare to style and my hair didn't sit right and didn't have that natural bounce to it. It looked and felt really heavy and weighed down (though that could be down to the fact that I'm growing out my short layers to get a different style cut in but I don't have that problem with Seanik). Though it did soothe my scalp, added shine and really cleansed my hair properly.

The main ingredients in Jumping Juniper are: Lemon and Lime for shine and bounce. Lavender and Rosemary for soothing the scalp, balancing the oil production and proper conditioning of the hair. Juniperberry oil to decongest oil build up and acts as a natural astringent. Just because it didn't work well for me, doesn't mean it won't work wonders for others with different hair. I fell this would work best for those who have lank, flat, oily fine hair who want to take the oiliness out of their hair and add bounce and life back into with and a lovely shine (the nice kind ;)) 
I wouldn't repurchase this, through no fault of the product, but my own. Always do your research. I give this a 5/10. This cost me €9.90 but they usually cost me €7.97 in Dublin.
Have you ever bought something that didn't work for you because of language? Let me know below! 
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)