Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Mac Lightscapade

Hi guys! I have to admit something, which may sound weird because I love make-up so much and I am a make-up blogger. I, until a few weeks ago, was a Mac virgin. Mac was never a brand that drew me in. I think it can be a very overpriced brand and I can find great dupes for their products, without the massive price tags. However, there is one product I could never find on the high street; the perfect highlighter. Because I'm whiter than snow, no highlighter worked well for me. It was either too dark or too shimmery. Then after reading Makeup Monster's review on Mac Lightscapade, I knew I had to buy it! I wanted to buy it at the duty free at the airport when I was heading to Paris, but it sold out! Even in Paris, I had to visit 4 other Mac shops before finding it on Champs-Elysses, but it was definitely worth the search! 

This highlighter is perfect for the very pale girls, there is no trace whatsoever of any bronze or brown undertones. I adore the look of this highlighter. It's quite cool, colourful and trippy, I love the colours! Its texture is beautiful too, it's soft and velvety smooth and the highlighter itself is durable. The packaging is simple and sleek and sturdy, with a nice window to see the highlighter. I use Lightscapade over my foundation and apply it on my cheekbones, nose, above my lip and browbone, using my Real Techniques contour brush. A little goes a long way with Lightscapade, so you don't need to use that much at all. Lightscapade smooths on really nicely, it gives a perfect, highlighted glow with a frosted metallic polish, and a soft finish. It lifts the dull look off my face that sometimes comes with medium coverage foundation and pressed powder. It adds a nice definition to the face. It lasts all the way from morning through to night, without budging. It is a fantastic investment into my makeup collection because a little goes a long way, this will last me the two years before it's necessary to throw it out, and I have no doubt I will have it all used by then as it's become a daily staple. I will 100% repurchase without a doubt, I love it so much! I give the amazing Lightscapade 10/10. It cost me €29, but its usually €30 in Mac shops in Ireland.

Have you tried Lightscapade? What did you think? What is your favourite Mac product?
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Kim. :)


  1. i love the way it looks! MAC are pricey but sometimes worth it


  2. It is beautiful. :) Very pricey, I could do without the lipsticks. This highlighter though, is something I could never find anywhere else. :)

  3. I love Lightscapade - its probably my favourite MSF. I bought it when it was limited edition and I'm so glad they've made it permanent. It's perfect for pale skin and really brightens the complexion. I love using it as an eyeshadow on the inner corners/brow bone too :) x


    1. It was beyond had to find but it was so worth it and I'm glad it is a permanent product and I really hope it's never discontinued! It's so versatile that it can be used as an eyeshadow/on the brow bone :) x