Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dr Stuart's Extraordinarily Good Teas

Hey guys! Today I'll be reviewing something a little different, and that's Dr Stuart's Extraordinarily Good Teas. Dr Stuart's produces all natural health teas, designed to improve the body and care for specific issues, depending on which box you buy. They are an independent UK company, producing in the UK. Dr Stuart is a leading ethnobotanist, with over 30 years experience dealing with plants and their uses, picking the best of the crops to make his blended teas, which he calls ''active botanicals''. An active botanical are the highest quality herbs from the most prized parts of the plants , which makes for an aromatic and beneficial tea. I am a lover of tea, so I was really curious to try them. I am very much a skeptic of ''health'' teas, detox teas and teas that promise this that and the other. However, I drink mostly herbal teas, and I think they can be beneficial along with good diet and exercise. The Dr Start range includes a huge range of teas, which you can find here:

I picked these up at my local Holland and Barrett's, they had a Buy One Get One Free deal, which I regularly take advantage of in Holland and Barrett's. So I picked up three teas I was eager to try: Detox, Slim Plus and Skin Purify. To brew these and get the strongest, most aromatic flavour, takes a full five minutes, with a tea towel over it to keep in the goodness. So, what did I think?

Detox:  Ingredients: Dandelion root, Burdock root, Corn silk, Milk thistle, Bearberry leaves, Liquorice root, Peppermint, Spearmint, Ginger root, Sage, Galangal root, artichoke leaves. 
When I went to try this, I braced myself. I've heard detox teas can taste awful. To my surprise, it tasted lovely. It has a herbal taste with a sweet, almost milky, aftertaste. The main flavours here were the Burdock root and the Milk thistle. I drink this a few times a week, always in the morning. I find that the detox tea gives me more energy, wakes me up, and I feel cleaner and healthier from drinking it. I feel this would work fantastic after a night out. 9/10.

Slim Plus:  Ingredients: Fennel (53%) Linden leaves, Dandelion root, Corn silk, Galangal root, Green oat, Natural orange flavour.
Slim plus is quite a strong, aromatic and warming tea, and it does taste lovely. As Fennel makes up more than half the tea, it is the main flavour in this tea. I drink this if I am feeling particularly hungry between those hours of my lunch and my dinner. The Fennel and Linden leaves are known to suppress appetite. I cannot stress this enough. You cannot solely rely on an appetite suppressing tea on it's own to lose weight. Out of the three teas I have tried, I found this worked the best! It keeps my appetite under control and stops me snacking. I even tested myself by looking in the presses at my favourite snacks and I have no interest in them after drinking this. It works really well! 10//10.

Skin Purify: Ingredients: Red clover, Nettle leaves, Dandelion leaves, Burdock root, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Lemon peel, Natural lemon flavour.
Not as nice tasting as the other two teas, I can't be quite sure how to describe the taste here, as I haven't tried the main ingredients here on their own. I know it does taste quite herbal with a very subtle lemon note. I don't drink this much anymore as I wasn't pleased with the results. A week after drinking this, my chin broke out, something it hadn't done in months. It may be due to external factors, but overall, I found it did nothing for my skin, though it did look slightly clearer, but that also, could be down to external factors. Maybe somewhere down the line, I'll be willing to give Skin Purify another chance. 3/10.

Overall, with the exception of the Skin Purify tea, I really like these teas! I feel with the Skin Purify, tea, the range may be hit and miss. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. I will definitely try more from the range! I love the Dr Stuart teas, clearly alot of work and love goes into making them. I would buy the Detox and Slim Plus tea again. From the Benefit Blends range, I'd love to try the Valerian Plus tea, and I haven't been sleeping so well in the past while. For a 15 bag box of Dr Stuart teas, they are €3.25, but look out for them in Holland and Barrett's, they sometimes have a Buy One, Get One Free deal on the range.

Have any of you out there tried any of the teas from Dr Stuart? What did you think? Let me know below!
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  1. I've never tried anything from this brand, but this sounds great!


  2. I definitely want to try this!!!!!!! Looks good ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. I'm always on the look out for new teas to try, these sound good, thank you for sharing. xx


  4. Slim Plus sounds amazing if it stops you snacking, I'm an awful snacker, especially in the evenings!

    1. I'm a terrible snacker in the evening too, and the Slim Plus tea helps alot x

  5. I will consider their products and check it out at Holland&Barrets. I was hesitating with taking Bootea or Tinytea...


    1. Do! :) Oh I heard Bootea didn't make much of a difference... X

  6. havent try anything like this, so looking forward to read more:)

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