Thursday, 30 October 2014

The perfect Autumn/Winter boot

Hi guys! If it's one thing that makes an outfit, it's a lovely ankle boot. I needed a great pair of weather proof, yet stylish ankle boots that would match most clothes in my wardrobe, so when I came across the Dani lace up boots on, I had to have them! I wanted something that would give me a bit of height, yet be comfortable walking around in them all day. I'm a sucker for anything black and gold, so when I saw these, I fell in love. I love androgynous style and I'm loving the utilitarian trend, and these boots have those characteristics.

 I bought these in a size five and they fit quite snugly. These boots have a 9cm block heel with a zip at the side and a wraparound strap. They are a matte, leather look boot with a rounded toe. They keep my feet nice and warm from the biting cold and water free from puddles. They give me height and they are really comfortable to walk around in all day, brilliant! Though after an unfortunate scratch on the front of one of the boots, I realised they are easily scratched, so you have to be careful with them. My favourite way to wear these gorgeous boots is with a pair of tights and my leather skort. As usual with Boohoo, delivery was nice and prompt. I bought the boots when they were €45 but with my student discount, I got them for €40, and because I spent over €25, delivery was free! I think they are worth every single penny. They are stylish, weather proof and durable. I can see myself getting years out of them! :)

What is your favourite boot for Autumn/Winter? Let me know below. :)
Thank you all for reading,
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Kim. :)

Monday, 27 October 2014

Amandopondo & Phoenix Rising

Hi guys! Today I'll be reviewing two gorgeous bath products from my favourite place ever, Lush! Let me introduce Amandopondo, the bubble bar, and Phoenix Rising, the bath bomb. I'm not a bath person, at all. I'm way too restless for my own liking, and after 10 minutes, I want to get out, but who could resist some pretty Lush goodies? I just love them! So on my last trip to Dublin, I got my hands on Amandopondo and Phoenix Rising.

Amandopondo is a lovely, creamy bubble bar with a cute little dried rose in the middle. I crumbled all of it under the tap. This is full of essential oils, mainly lemon and orange. It has Damask rose in it, which is supposed to be therapeutic. Amandopondo smells gorgeous, very floral, which I usually dislike, but it works well here. It gave me loads of bubbles and left me feeling relaxed, and with softer skin! 10/10. This costs €2.50.

Phoenix Rising
When I saw this in the Lush shop, I was so, so drawn to it! It just looks so magical and beautiful, with its vivid, deep purple, and its golden flecks all the way through it. I referred to this as my Dumbledore bath bomb, because of it's magical look and the Phoenix part of the name, haha. It smells absolutely divine. Very warming and spicy, cinnamon being the strongest note here, and like the floral scent in Amandopondo, something I'm not usually a fan of. It includes cocoa and shea butter, for softer skin. It also includes Bergamot, to uplift and hydrate, Cassia oil to energise, and Jojoba oil to to moisturise. I found it incredibly relaxing and softening. It costs €3.20.

Seeing as I'm not a bath person, I wouldn't buy alot of them regularly. If I do, these two would be definite repurchases! Though I would love to try every Lush bath bomb ever! :)
Have you tried Lush bath bombs? Which are your favourites? Let me know below! :)
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Kim. :) 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder

Hi guys! Today I'll be reviewing Maybelline's Fit Me pressed powder. I usually buy Rimmel's Stay 
Matte powder, but I wanted a change from it because it was a full coverage powder and dulled the look of my skin and my natural skin didn't really come through. I bought it in shade 120 Classic Ivory and it matches really well with my pale skin tone. It is a really nice, velvety smooth feeling, and lightweight powder. It is a medium coverage powder. It mattified my skin and helped to even out my skin tone, without actually covering my skin.

A big reason I wear a pressed powder is because of my oily T-Zone, and how a powder helps with this problem, can make or break the product. I was really happy with how it helped this problem. It kept my oily t-zone in check and kept my make-up in place all day! The powder lasts all day and only needs one or two top ups during the day around the nose and the chin, where it gets oily. The powder comes in a lovely black, sleek packaging. Under the pan, there is an underside with a good sized mirror and a powder puff. I loved this! It makes it fantastic and super easy to pop in your bag on the go and for travelling. The Fit Me pressed powder can be paired with two other products in the Maybelline range: the Fit Me concealer and the Fit Me foundation. This is a great idea for those just getting into make-up as the shades for all three products match up, Also the range is great! There's alot of shades to choose from, so there in a shade in there to suit most people. 

I would definitely repurchase the Fit Me pressed powder again! I love that it's medium coverage, keeps my oily patches at bay. It's travel friendly and kept my make-up in place all day. This costs €8.99 and I give it an 8/10!
Have any of you tried anything from the Maybelline Fit Me range? What are your thoughts? Let my know below! 
Thank you all for reading,
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Kim. :)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dr Stuart's Extraordinarily Good Teas

Hey guys! Today I'll be reviewing something a little different, and that's Dr Stuart's Extraordinarily Good Teas. Dr Stuart's produces all natural health teas, designed to improve the body and care for specific issues, depending on which box you buy. They are an independent UK company, producing in the UK. Dr Stuart is a leading ethnobotanist, with over 30 years experience dealing with plants and their uses, picking the best of the crops to make his blended teas, which he calls ''active botanicals''. An active botanical are the highest quality herbs from the most prized parts of the plants , which makes for an aromatic and beneficial tea. I am a lover of tea, so I was really curious to try them. I am very much a skeptic of ''health'' teas, detox teas and teas that promise this that and the other. However, I drink mostly herbal teas, and I think they can be beneficial along with good diet and exercise. The Dr Start range includes a huge range of teas, which you can find here:

I picked these up at my local Holland and Barrett's, they had a Buy One Get One Free deal, which I regularly take advantage of in Holland and Barrett's. So I picked up three teas I was eager to try: Detox, Slim Plus and Skin Purify. To brew these and get the strongest, most aromatic flavour, takes a full five minutes, with a tea towel over it to keep in the goodness. So, what did I think?

Detox:  Ingredients: Dandelion root, Burdock root, Corn silk, Milk thistle, Bearberry leaves, Liquorice root, Peppermint, Spearmint, Ginger root, Sage, Galangal root, artichoke leaves. 
When I went to try this, I braced myself. I've heard detox teas can taste awful. To my surprise, it tasted lovely. It has a herbal taste with a sweet, almost milky, aftertaste. The main flavours here were the Burdock root and the Milk thistle. I drink this a few times a week, always in the morning. I find that the detox tea gives me more energy, wakes me up, and I feel cleaner and healthier from drinking it. I feel this would work fantastic after a night out. 9/10.

Slim Plus:  Ingredients: Fennel (53%) Linden leaves, Dandelion root, Corn silk, Galangal root, Green oat, Natural orange flavour.
Slim plus is quite a strong, aromatic and warming tea, and it does taste lovely. As Fennel makes up more than half the tea, it is the main flavour in this tea. I drink this if I am feeling particularly hungry between those hours of my lunch and my dinner. The Fennel and Linden leaves are known to suppress appetite. I cannot stress this enough. You cannot solely rely on an appetite suppressing tea on it's own to lose weight. Out of the three teas I have tried, I found this worked the best! It keeps my appetite under control and stops me snacking. I even tested myself by looking in the presses at my favourite snacks and I have no interest in them after drinking this. It works really well! 10//10.

Skin Purify: Ingredients: Red clover, Nettle leaves, Dandelion leaves, Burdock root, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Lemon peel, Natural lemon flavour.
Not as nice tasting as the other two teas, I can't be quite sure how to describe the taste here, as I haven't tried the main ingredients here on their own. I know it does taste quite herbal with a very subtle lemon note. I don't drink this much anymore as I wasn't pleased with the results. A week after drinking this, my chin broke out, something it hadn't done in months. It may be due to external factors, but overall, I found it did nothing for my skin, though it did look slightly clearer, but that also, could be down to external factors. Maybe somewhere down the line, I'll be willing to give Skin Purify another chance. 3/10.

Overall, with the exception of the Skin Purify tea, I really like these teas! I feel with the Skin Purify, tea, the range may be hit and miss. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. I will definitely try more from the range! I love the Dr Stuart teas, clearly alot of work and love goes into making them. I would buy the Detox and Slim Plus tea again. From the Benefit Blends range, I'd love to try the Valerian Plus tea, and I haven't been sleeping so well in the past while. For a 15 bag box of Dr Stuart teas, they are €3.25, but look out for them in Holland and Barrett's, they sometimes have a Buy One, Get One Free deal on the range.

Have any of you out there tried any of the teas from Dr Stuart? What did you think? Let me know below!
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Bioderma Crealine H20 micellar water

Hey everyone! Today I'll be reviewing Bioderma's Crealine H20 micellar water. I bought this in Paris when my travel sized Garnier micellar water was taken off me. Bioderma, unfortunately is not available in Ireland. However, it is in almost every French pharmacy that I was in in Paris, and I was so excited! I was dying to try this brand. I am sorry that I didn't get to try more of this brand, but Paris is expensive, so I had to be careful with my money. I prefer micellar waters over make-up removers because they feel cleaner, fresher, and overall they do a better job. I found Bioderma to be a really great and effective micellar water! As I only got the travel sized version, I use this sparingly and swipe my make-up off with a cotton pad at night. It is fantastic for sensitive skin and eyes, and doesn't upset them at all, which for me. is a huge bonus!

Compared to my usual repurchase of Garnier micellar water, how does it match up? Well, they both work equally well and are both great for sensitive skin and eyes, leaving skin with a fresh, soft and clean feeling. Reading the ingredient list, I realise Garnier's micellar water has less ingredients, and the less ingredients you put on your face, the better. Both Garnier's and Bioderma's version do an equally effective job. However, I think Garnier is better value for money. For the Bioderma travel sized 100ml version, it's €3.83 and for the Garnier 400ml bottle, it costs €3.87. Also, when Bioderma (finally) comes to Ireland, it's a no brainer that the affordable Bioderma range in Paris, will shoot up in Ireland! I would repurchase this again, but I would be more inclined to stick with Garnier as it is cheaper and does the same job. However, when Bioderma comes to Ireland, I will, without a doubt, make a few different purchases from the Bioderma range!
For 100ml, the Bioderma micellar water costs €3.83. I give it a 9/10 and I would repurchase.
Have you guys tried much from the Bioderma range? What are your thoughts?
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Friday, 10 October 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin... a POREfessional dupe?

Hi guys! Today I am reviewing Maybelline's Baby Skin. I've heard and read in a few reviews that Baby Skin is a cheap dupe for Benefits pricey, but well loved primer, POREfessional. Baby Skin claims to create smoother, poreless skin. Now, I don't have much of a problem with pores so the main reasons I use a primer is for a great base to apply make-up and make it last longer, and to give a more even skin tone. I compared Baby Skin to POREfessional. So just how well did Baby Skin match up to my Holy Grail primer?

In terms of colour, Baby skin is completely transparent, where as POREfessional is tinted. I prefer the tint in POREfessional because it evens out my skin more than Baby Skin. They are both very similar in texture, being quite thick in consistency, and they both feel so lovely and lightweight. A big way Baby Skin falls down and the reason POREfessional is my holy grail primer, is the same reason: How long it lasts and how well it keeps make-up in place. Using POREfessional, it keeps my make-up in place all night and it keeps oil at bay perfectly. However, I've noticed when using Baby Skin, it doesn't keep my make-up in place for more than 2-3 hours and after that, my make-up around my t-zone where I can have a problem with oil, started to wear away and go patchy on me, not impressed. Both Baby Skin and POREfessional make my skin feel velvety soft, but I think POREfessional makes it that bit softer. They both even out my skin tone and texture and blur irregularities, but yet again, POREfessional does a better job of this.

So all in all, I prefer POREfessional by a mile, and I wouldn't describe it as a dupe for POREfessional, because it simply doesn't work as well. However, Baby Skin is so much cheaper than POREfessional, I use POREfessional sparingly, because it is expensive (€35) and I want to save it for special times and events so it lasts longer. Baby Skin would be my everyday primer, nothing too special, but it'll get me by. Baby Skin is a good daily primer, but just not on the same level as POREfessional. The packaging is quite cute looking, and hygienic because it comes in a tube.
Unless I find a better daily primer, I will continue to buy this primer. It's not the best make-up product I've used, so I give it a 6/10. It costs €10.79 for 22ml compared to €35 for 22ml for POREfessional.

Would you that have tried Baby Skin consider it a dupe for POREfessional? Can anyone recommend me a cheap, everyday primer?
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Mac Lightscapade

Hi guys! I have to admit something, which may sound weird because I love make-up so much and I am a make-up blogger. I, until a few weeks ago, was a Mac virgin. Mac was never a brand that drew me in. I think it can be a very overpriced brand and I can find great dupes for their products, without the massive price tags. However, there is one product I could never find on the high street; the perfect highlighter. Because I'm whiter than snow, no highlighter worked well for me. It was either too dark or too shimmery. Then after reading Makeup Monster's review on Mac Lightscapade, I knew I had to buy it! I wanted to buy it at the duty free at the airport when I was heading to Paris, but it sold out! Even in Paris, I had to visit 4 other Mac shops before finding it on Champs-Elysses, but it was definitely worth the search! 

This highlighter is perfect for the very pale girls, there is no trace whatsoever of any bronze or brown undertones. I adore the look of this highlighter. It's quite cool, colourful and trippy, I love the colours! Its texture is beautiful too, it's soft and velvety smooth and the highlighter itself is durable. The packaging is simple and sleek and sturdy, with a nice window to see the highlighter. I use Lightscapade over my foundation and apply it on my cheekbones, nose, above my lip and browbone, using my Real Techniques contour brush. A little goes a long way with Lightscapade, so you don't need to use that much at all. Lightscapade smooths on really nicely, it gives a perfect, highlighted glow with a frosted metallic polish, and a soft finish. It lifts the dull look off my face that sometimes comes with medium coverage foundation and pressed powder. It adds a nice definition to the face. It lasts all the way from morning through to night, without budging. It is a fantastic investment into my makeup collection because a little goes a long way, this will last me the two years before it's necessary to throw it out, and I have no doubt I will have it all used by then as it's become a daily staple. I will 100% repurchase without a doubt, I love it so much! I give the amazing Lightscapade 10/10. It cost me €29, but its usually €30 in Mac shops in Ireland.

Have you tried Lightscapade? What did you think? What is your favourite Mac product?
Thank you for reading, 
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Halloween Tag!

Hey guys! So we are now in October, and I for one, couldn't be more excited! I am always in the best mood in Autumn and Winter. Also, It is the month of Halloween, ahhhh! Halloween is my Christmas, end of. I love horrors, and everything to do with Halloween. I get so so excited when I see the Halloween decorations in the shops. So in honour of my favourite day of the year, I thought I would do a Halloween tag, so enjoy!

What is your favourite Halloween movie?
I don't consider Halloween a movie genre? So I assume you're talking about horrors/dark/thriller movies? Ahh, I am a huge fan of those of movies, so I can't choose just one. Nightmare On Elm Street, The Shining, Sinister, Addams Family Values, Silence Of The Lambs, everything ever by Tim Burton. I've lost count of all my favourite horror movies. I'll try all scary movies once, so I can't remember them all. They would be my top ones. On the ''scary'' movie note, I Google searched for the scariest movie ever, and A Serbian Film was mentioned, so I gave it a go. Don't waste your time. It's not scary, it's highly disturbing. 

1-10, how much do you enjoy Halloween?
If this tag hasn't told you by now, 100! 

What are your favourite Halloween memories?
I got together with my boyfriend of almost five years on Halloween, so Halloween is extra special to me. :) Halloween parties and Trick Or Treating as a child were always great too, and pumpkin carving! I have a sort of tradition on All Saint's Day where I stay in my pj's and just watch movies and stuff myself with junk. :D

Have you always been a Halloween lover?
Ever since I was a little girl! I just adored dressing up and the whole spooky atmosphere of it all.

How do you get into the Halloween spirit?
I don't have to ''get'' into it at all! Halloween excitement crashes over me like a wave at the end of September, haha. The Halloween decorations appearing in the shops help alot, though.

What are your favourite Halloween decorations? 
I always find myself disappointed by the choice of decorations in my town. I like the realistic dramatics. I like skeletons, bats, mummies and goblets. Gargoyles and mock gravestones are brilliant

Favourite Autumn/Halloween scent?
I love the smell of the cold, fresh air that comes with the weather being colder, hot chocolate (which I live on Autumn and Winter) and the smell of baking.

Hello October 

Favorite Halloween sweets?
Not exactly a sweet, but I always go mad on the monkey nuts! Also the little mini bars and packets of Haribo's we have for Trick Or Treaters, I hope we don't have many this year, more for me! Oh, how the tables have turned...

Vampires or Zombies?
Vampires! Actual vampires, not Twilight vampires, ugh.
What is your biggest fear?
Anything happening to those I care about the most.

Lastly, do you believe in ghosts?
Absolutely. 100%. Without a shadow of a doubt. 

A little early for Halloween for most, maybe. But I am too damned excited for Halloween! I won't tag anyone, but you are all free to do it. :)
Do you like Halloween?
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)