Friday, 26 September 2014

Trilogy rosehip oil

Hi guys! Today I will be reviewing the Trilogy rosehip oil. I have heard amazing reviews on this, and  that it was especially effective for scars, stretchmarks, ageing, dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles. I invested in this beauty because last year and the beginning of this year, I was under alot of stress and strain for a long time and as a result, my chin broke out in blemishes and spots at least twice a week. Things eventually calmed down, though the break outs stopped. However, I was left with some horrible scars on my chin, which were really getting me down and I needed to get rid. Trilogy rosehip oil was the best rated for facial scars, without being too harsh, a lesson I learned to be important when I attempted to solve my breakouts with vile Benzoyl Peroxide, with made things worse in the end.

Trilogy rosehip oil is an organic product, the only ingredient being natural rosehip seed oil with 80% essential fatty acid and Omega 3, 6 and 9. I use 2 or three drops of this on my chin every night as part of my skincare routine and massage it in and leave it to sink in. I also use it twice a week all over my face as an intensive moisturiser in place of my regular moisturiser. Because rosehip oil is full of fatty acids, it is fantastic for dry skin and rehydrating the skin. Pure rosehip oil is a natural astringent and skin nourishing properties so it's really great for scars, stretch marks, burns, pigmentation and age spots. It also soothes sunburn and gives a natural glow. So Trilogy rosehip oil really is a versatile, all rounder product to have in your skincare collection! It can be used all over the body wherever you have dry patches, scars and stretchmarks.

The results? At the three week mark, I noticed that the redness and the scarring really went down! I was so happy with the difference it made and it gave me back the confidence I had in my skin. I noticed when I used it as a moisturiser twice a week, my skin tone was more even and had a better texture. My skin is alot softer and brighter, and the best thing is that it's the best product I've used for hydration, ever. My skin was alot more plump and it'll work wonders during the Winter when dry skin rears it's ugly head! The smell isn't so strong, it's quite nutty and I really like it. As I have combination skin, I was worried that it wouldn't work so well around my T-zone when I had oily patches during the Summer but I was delighted that it didn't make my skin oily, just hydrated (and fabulous). It takes ages to skin in so it's best to only use it at night. I love that it takes ages to sink is as it feels luxurious and that it's doing a great job. Trilogy is my first facial serum I have ever used and I couldn't be without one now! It adds a lovely touch of luxury to my weekly skincare routine.
I would repurchase this 100% and it costs me €19.99 for 20ml.

Have you tried anything from the Trilogy range? What are your favourites from the range? Let me know below!
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  1. I love Rosehip Oil, every time I see a product with it in, I have to buy it! xx