Friday, 26 September 2014

Trilogy rosehip oil

Hi guys! Today I will be reviewing the Trilogy rosehip oil. I have heard amazing reviews on this, and  that it was especially effective for scars, stretchmarks, ageing, dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles. I invested in this beauty because last year and the beginning of this year, I was under alot of stress and strain for a long time and as a result, my chin broke out in blemishes and spots at least twice a week. Things eventually calmed down, though the break outs stopped. However, I was left with some horrible scars on my chin, which were really getting me down and I needed to get rid. Trilogy rosehip oil was the best rated for facial scars, without being too harsh, a lesson I learned to be important when I attempted to solve my breakouts with vile Benzoyl Peroxide, with made things worse in the end.

Trilogy rosehip oil is an organic product, the only ingredient being natural rosehip seed oil with 80% essential fatty acid and Omega 3, 6 and 9. I use 2 or three drops of this on my chin every night as part of my skincare routine and massage it in and leave it to sink in. I also use it twice a week all over my face as an intensive moisturiser in place of my regular moisturiser. Because rosehip oil is full of fatty acids, it is fantastic for dry skin and rehydrating the skin. Pure rosehip oil is a natural astringent and skin nourishing properties so it's really great for scars, stretch marks, burns, pigmentation and age spots. It also soothes sunburn and gives a natural glow. So Trilogy rosehip oil really is a versatile, all rounder product to have in your skincare collection! It can be used all over the body wherever you have dry patches, scars and stretchmarks.

The results? At the three week mark, I noticed that the redness and the scarring really went down! I was so happy with the difference it made and it gave me back the confidence I had in my skin. I noticed when I used it as a moisturiser twice a week, my skin tone was more even and had a better texture. My skin is alot softer and brighter, and the best thing is that it's the best product I've used for hydration, ever. My skin was alot more plump and it'll work wonders during the Winter when dry skin rears it's ugly head! The smell isn't so strong, it's quite nutty and I really like it. As I have combination skin, I was worried that it wouldn't work so well around my T-zone when I had oily patches during the Summer but I was delighted that it didn't make my skin oily, just hydrated (and fabulous). It takes ages to skin in so it's best to only use it at night. I love that it takes ages to sink is as it feels luxurious and that it's doing a great job. Trilogy is my first facial serum I have ever used and I couldn't be without one now! It adds a lovely touch of luxury to my weekly skincare routine.
I would repurchase this 100% and it costs me €19.99 for 20ml.

Have you tried anything from the Trilogy range? What are your favourites from the range? Let me know below!
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Kim. :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The blogger made me buy it!

Hi guys! Since I've started blogging, I didn't realise how expensive beauty blogging could be, but so fun, interesting and worthwhile! Money well spent, if you ask me. After finding some really fabulous bloggers and some, who's opinion on a product I take quite seriously and trust their judgement 100%! The bloggers who recommended these products to me are those who's opinion I take seriously and through their reviews, have led me to find some true gems and repurchases! Most below have reviews already, which I'll link, so I'll refrain from going into too much detail. So let's get started!

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil.
Recommended to me by the fabulous Leanne Woodfull over at Thunder and Threads in one of her posts, L'oreal's extraordinary oil has really done wonders for my hair! As I'm trying to grow my hair incredibly long, I need to sort out my dry, damaged ends. After using this oil for a while, it reduced my split ends, added fantastic shine to my hair and gave it an overall healthier appearance. My bottle is almost gone, but I will 100% repurchase! I got this on sale for €8.99.

Revlon Colourburst crayon.
Not necessarily recommended to me by anyone. During the Summer, the blogosphere was all a buzz over these little beauties. I just had to pick one up. I got one in a coral shade. I loved it! Long wearing, highly pigmented and eye catching. I can't wait to pick up another one of these in a more Autumnal shade for the coming months! Here's my review on the Revlon Colourburst Crayon in more detail. 

Botanics Hydrating eye cream.
My first ever eye cream was recommended to me by Danielle over at The Imperfect Beauty Queen and I don't think I could be without an eye cream again! A more in depth review of Botanics eye cream can be found here. It's done a great job at hydrating and smoothing the texture of the skin under my eyes and making me look awake. The skin under my eyes also looks brighter. This cost me €14.99 at Boots.

Real Techniques Core Brush Collection.
I invested in the Real Techniques Core Brush Collection by Sam and Nic Chapman after reading a review by Essie Button. I wanted 4 base brushes for my face and I heard many fantastic reviews on them, but Essie Button's review is the one that cinched it for me! It includes a detailer brush, a foundation brush, a contour brush and a buffing brush. They are fabulous brushes, so soft and plush with a handy travel case. They create a flawless finish and haven't shed a hair and I've had them since July. You can find my review on these brushes here. They cost me €28.99.

Urban Decay All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray.
Out of all my favourite bloggers, I take Makeup Monster's opinion on beauty products the most seriously. I trust her judgement so much. So when she wrote a review on the Urban Decay spray, I had to pick it up and give it a go! It was my favourite purchase of the Summer. It did such an amazing job of holding my make-up together through sweltering heat, exercise and running all about town. It made me more confident in my make-up throughout the day and this, will be a constant repurchase! My detailed review of it is here. It cost me €12 at Debenhams.

Mac Lightscapade.
Another recommendation from Makeup Monster. I will have a review on this in the next week or two. I wanted this for months and when I had the money, I splurged on it, popping my Mac cherry! I already had a well formed opinion on it. Waiting months for this, I have to say, it did not disappoint! It is the perfect highlighter for us very pale girls. It cost me €29 in the MAC store in Paris.

And there you have it, what the blogger made me buy! I'm absolutely sure you all will convince me to buy more in the future, and I can't wait. ;) What have bloggers convinced you to buy in the past? Let me know below! 
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Kim. :)

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The worst make-up remover ever? Possibly...

Hi guys! Usually when I buy skincare products, I do my research into them because I like to invest my money into decent products I'll love and will work for me. However when I was in Paris, at the airport, my lovely make-up remover was confiscated. So, I went to a chemist in Place D'Italie to pick up a make-up remover to get me by. I picked up the Akane milky make-up remover and decided give it a go. How bad could it be?


I'm used to using, and prefer micellar waters to remove make-up, they're not messy and leave skin feeling fresh, I wanted to try something new and go with a ''milky'' formulation. I've never heard of Akane and I was curious.
The first thing that struck me about the Akane milky make-up remover was the smell. Christ. It is awful. It's way too sweet and sickening. I don't like the skincare to have a distinct smell other than fresh. It got me thinking, this make-up remover says it's suitable for sensitive skin, how that possibly be when it smells so vile and artificial? It's less of a nice milky texture, and more of a thick consistency. This make-up remover claims that it is ''Specially formulated for sensitive skin. It removes make-up and cleanses the face and eyes perfectly. The skin  is soft, smooth and fresh as a flower petal. Do not rinse.'' First of all, my eye make up (which was just mascara) didn't budge an inch. Secondly, it did a sloppy, half assed job of removing my face make-up. I pump some of this on a cotton pad and swiped like I do with my micellar water. It just spread the make-up around my face and didn't wipe it off, at all. It didn't cleanse my skin and it left my skin feeling dirty. Not living up to its claims.

I gave up and reached for the other make-up remover I bought that did the trick.
With some still left on my skin reaching for my micellar water, it dried so quickly and left my skin feeling incredibly sticky and a thin film feeling on, which felt disgusting. My skin wasn't left feeling ''soft, smooth and fresh as a flower petal.'' Akane milky make-up remover says its 99.5% organic according to Ecocert's standards. However, it doesn't smell, feel, work the part. Most of the ingredients seem to be chemicals, but I'm not aware of the quantities of each. It also contains alcohol and parfum. A massive no no for my own skin and those with sensitive skin.The one thing it does have going for it is its pretty packaging, which is useless anyways seeing as what's inside is awful. This cost me €8.90, pricey for something I'll be throwing in the bin. I give it a 0/10 and I obviously, won't be buying it again!

Have you tried the Akane milky make-up remover or anything from the Akane range? What did you think? Let me know below!
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Kim. :)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Paris- Seeing The Sights!

Hi guys! I just got back from Paris on Tuesday and I had an absolute blast! Sorry that this post is only up today, I needed a day or two to get back to myself and its been a busy week as it is. If you read my Planning Paris post, you'll know what I wanted to see and how I planned out my trip and what I wanted to see. I didn't get around to La Geode and Pere Lachaise cemetery, but I saw Bastille (by accident but I still saw it :D) and Luxembourg Gardens! I had such a lovely time! :)

Day 1: On my first full day there, I set out to see Notre Dame, Musee de L'Armee and the Eiffel Tower. I've been obsessed with seeing Notre Dame since I was seven or eight and it was the number one thing I had to see, and when I saw it -For lack of a better phrase- I lost my shit! It went beyond my expectations and it is, without a doubt, the most beautiful place I have ever been. The 40ft rose window, the flying buttress's the gargoyles, it took my breath away, I queued for ages to go inside and it was so worth it. It is stunningly beautiful inside. No matter how many times I took photos of Notre Dame, it will never show how beautiful the place is, in comparison to it in the flesh. The bell sounded lovely too. It's most breathtaking at night and lies on the Seine, just wow. <3 Best of all, I got to see it every single day because I used it as a starting point to explore the city. After Notre Dame, I set off to see the Eiffel Tower and Musee L'Armee, which was easy as they were less than a five minute walk from each other. To be honest, I had it in my head that it wouldn't matter if I saw the Eiffel Tower or not. I could take it or leave it. I went because it was 5 minutes away from Musee L'Armee. Eiffel Tower was touristy and underwhelming, especially if you romanticised it in your mind. It's a bit of a travesty and quite ugly, honestly. It's quite nice as part of a landscape though. Musee de L'Armee was fantastic! It served as a hospital and retirement home for war veterans, but now it's home to weaponry, artillery, armor and holds the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte, which was amazing to see! 

Day 2: The second day I was there, I set off for Concorde, Champs-Elysses and Arc De Triomphe. It was so handy to see all of these places because they are very close to each other and you basically just follow one road from Concorde to Champs-Elysses and Arc De Triomphe. As a history nerd, I had to see Concorde as it is where Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette was beheaded. Concorde is a beautiful place filled with luxurious, extravagant fountains, it's a must see in Paris! Champs-Elysses is one of the most expensive streets in the world and looks every part of it, with shops like Cartier, Mac, Tiffany & Co, and Louis Vuitton. I made a stop into the Mac shop and popped my Mac cherry and the Disney store there is nothing short of magical. If you wanted to do some serious shopping in Paris, I wouldn't recommend Champs-Elysses unless you had €1'000 upwards with you. However, it's interesting to go to see how the French do retail therapy and fashion, which is bloody brilliant, I must say. At the end of Champs-Elysses, there is the gorgeous Arc De Triomphe that celebrates those that fought in the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars, when Napoleon Bonaparte promised his men that they would walk under the arches of triumph, this is said Arc. It is massive, beautiful and an icon. This day was definitely my favourite day out of my trip! 

Day 3: My third day there was my least favourite, I got quite homesick. I went to see Sacre Coeur and chilled out at Luxembourg Gardens. Going up to Sacre Coeur, I was so surprised about how rough and dangerous the area was. Sacre Coeur is near Gare Du Nord, the train that takes you all over Europe and it was dangerous, and this was during the day. I had my bag eyed a couple of times and had a French man purr at me, say stuff I didn't understand and followed me a bit. I had a vice grip on my bag the entire time. When I got to Sacre Coeur, I thought it was stunning and it gave great views of the city. However, I'm not sure it was worth the uneasy way there, but I am glad I got to go, considering that I was planning to go back more than once. I got the RATP bus back to Luxembourg and got some food, explored the gardens and chilled out to some music. It was such a nice place to relax after a day that didn't go so well to begin with.

Day four: On Sunday, I headed to the Louvre. The thing to keep in mind before heading to the Louvre is know what you want to see before you get there. The Louvre is massive. You could walk it for a month and still not see everything it has to offer. I planned to see the ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek section, especially Venus De Milo. My favourite pieces were the ancient Egyptian tablets with hieroglyphics on them, Venus De Milo, Wedding at Cana, John the Baptist and Aphrodite. Jaconde (Mona Lisa) was a let down. I only got a quick glance at her as she is safe guarded behind glass and I didn't get as close up to her as I would have liked. After the Louvre, I decided to chill out on the grassy banks of the Seine as it was such a nice day. I relaxed there listening to Metallica for a long time, taking in my beautiful surroundings.
John the Baptist
Wedding at Cana
David and Goliath
Ancient Egyptian tablet
Venus De Milo

Day five: At the last moment before heading to Paris, I decided to pay a visit to Centre Georges Pompidou, and I am so glad I did! Out of all the things I did in Paris, this was definitely one of my favourites! The Pompidou centre has a post modern and high tech design, which fits in so well with the art and sculptures they have here. Like the Louvre, it's huge, but not as big. You still have to know what you want to see here. I planned to see works by Dali, Picasso, Matisse, Lichtenstein and Warhol. I saw some beautiful pieces by those artists, however, I could not find any work by Lichtenstein or Warhol anywhere! Which was so disappointing. However, I discovered a few new artists I loved, like Marc Chagall. I also fell in love with the painting L'Adoration Du Veau. Pompidou offers some of the best views of Paris from the very top, with was brilliant to see! After Pompidou, I took a slight detour (technically I got myself lost) and ended up seeing something I didn't plan on seeing. Place de la Bastille, but I'm so glad I got to see it! (having abysmal sense of direction sometimes pays off) Bastille is the square that used to be the site of Bastille prison until its destruction in 1790. The July Column in the centre commemorates the revolution of 1830.

And that is my trip to Paris! There will be a part two to this blog, I also want to get onto the overall experience on my first trip abroad solo on a more personal level, this blog was just more so on what I saw and what I did. So keep an eye out for that this week! All in all, it was a fantastic trip and an amazing experience! My favourite parts of the trip was seeing Notre Dame every day, its beauty and ability to take your breath away never, ever got old. The Pompidou centre and the day I spent on Champs-Elysses were my favourite days of the whole trip. My least part of the trip was making the journey to Sacre Coeur and feeling homesick. I'll explain in better detail in the next part of this blog. I hope you all like this post and found it somewhat useful if you're planning a getaway to the City of Lights! 
Thank you all for reading, 
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Kim. :)