Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection brushes

Hey guys! Today I'll be reviewing the Real Techniques core collection brushes by Sam and Nic Chapman. This year, I've really started collecting make-up brushes and one brand that seemed to stand out from the rest, was the Real Technique brushes. I heard truly amazing reviews on them, they've been ranted and raved about by top bloggers, and were thee most recommended brushes on the scene. I really wanted to try them out, and I wanted to have core brushes that I would use everyday and would last me years, and still be in great shape. So, given all the fabulous reviews, I decided I would try the Real Techniques core brush collection!

The core collection comes with four brushes: A detailer brush, a buffing brush, a pointed foundation brush and a contour brush. The kit also came with a sturdy brush stand/travel case. The detailer brush is supposed to conceal problem areas and to apply lipstick for added definition and shape, however, I much prefer to use my fingers with concealer and I don't much like to use a brush for lipstick, so I have much use for the brush, except for eyeliner. If anyone has any ideas on how to use this little brush more, let me know! The pointed foundation brush is meant for liquid foundation and can be used to build custom coverage. That's how I use it. I use it for liquid foundation and on days where I feel I need more coverage, especially for the Summer, when even more horrible freckles grouped together on my face! The buffing brush is used for mineral foundation and powder. I use it for applying liquid foundation for the days when I want minimal coverage and for buffing out any lines creating by spreading around liquid foundation. The contour brush is supposed to be for highlighter. I use it to apply highlighter and blusher aswell. 

The stand it came with the brushes is so handy! I don't use it to hold my brushes, but it is so handy to carry my brushes around going somewhere overnight, it minds my brushes well, without becoming out of shape. Also, there are extra holders for any other brushes you want to carry with you, which I love! The brushes themselves are gorgeous. They are a really nice amber colour with the brush name on them, with a black end grip if you have serious butterfingers like myself. My favourite thing about these brushes are how unbelievably soft and plush they are! And they stayed soft, plush, firm and in shape after they were washed around 6 times, like I just bought them! They are pretty dense, which means they pick up alot of product. However, that also means that they aren't the easiest brushes to clean!

My favourite brush out of the four is the buffing brush. It's so soft and works amazingly well. It spreads foundation so nicely and gives an airbrush finish. The foundation brush is quite small, but that doesn't bother me, that pointed end is great for getting in the little spaces. Since using a contour brush over a kabuki brush for blush and highlighter, I've noticed a great difference on how the product looks on my face, it looks so much more noticeable, yet subtle, and lovely. I haven't made my mind up on the detailer brush because I haven't used it so much.

All in all, I love these brushes! They are firm, dense, plush, nicely designed and reliable. Plus, they haven't shed a hair yet! I know they'll last me a long while. However -Don't shoot me hardcore Real Techniques fans- they didn't completely blow me away and I'm not too sure they are worth all the hyped up reviews. I do love the brushes though. Perhaps my expectations were too high?
I give the Real Techniques a 9/10! They cost me €28.99.
Do you use Real Techniques brushes? What do you think of them? Let me know below!
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Kim. :)