Friday, 23 May 2014

L'Oreal True Match foundation review!

Hi guys! Happy Friday! I come bearing my first beauty review in yonks. Today, I will be reviewing the L'Oreal True Match foundation. As I may have mentioned before, Max Factor's Lasting Performance has been my HG foundation for over two years now, but I sort of fell out of love with it when I started noticing some ways where it wasn't making me happy. It's a thick formula so you need to work fast with it and it was too dark for me, and it left tide marks, which is never a good look. So I went on the hunt for a better suited foundation and did my homework and came across the L'Oreal True Match foundation.

 I am absolutely loving it and, not to jinx anything, but it may become my new HG foundation. I've only been using it this week, but it has already proved to be better than Max Factor. The range for the True Match foundations is so wide that you will be able to find a suitable shade. It's also divided up into three sections: warm, cool and neutral skin tone. I looked for the palest shade in the cool skin tone category and found Ivory Rose matched me perfectly and looked quite natural on. One of the things I love the most about True Match is that it is so super easy to built upon without looking cakey if needs be. It's medium coverage, which suits me just fine, but I will build up under my eyes and some of the darker freckles I have. It feels really light on and skins in straight away. It also contains SPF 17, which feels like you have some protection on your face when it gets warmer or windy.

It's on the more liquidy side of foundations so it is quite runny. It lasted me the day and didn't need any touch ups, but the true test, was it sweat proof? I exercise everyday, so I need a foundation that will stay on my face and not run off, and yes it stayed put. I found that it can be transferred onto clothes, but it's nothing being careful and a bit of fixing powder can't handle, and it's the only real con of True Match, which is easily fixed, anyway. True Match, as it's runny, it's a big bonus that you only need the tiniest bit to do your entire face! Not even a full pump, I know that it will last me so long. Another huge pro of True Match is that it is so blendable and easy to work with, that, with the great shade match, means I don't have to blend down to my neck. The packaging is okay, it has a pump for hygiene and that you won't use too much, but it's made of glass and it can't be cut open to get the last of the foundation. I found this half price in my local chemist, which was brilliant! It's usually €15, but I scooped it up for €7.50. I would definitely buy this again! 10/10.

What are your HG products? Let me know below. :)
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  1. What a bargain, seems to be lovely although I'm not sure about the fact that it seems to transfer to clothes, it's one of my pet peeves... :o) Xx

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    1. I don't like it either but paired with a good fixing powder it works wonders :) x