Friday, 30 May 2014

The ten people who should get off Facebook

Hi all! I hope you are all well. I've had this blog idea mulling around in my head for some time now and I thought I would put it up. I have to say I will love writing this up, sometimes, a good old rant is really needed. It will be slightly bitchy and very sarcastic, but that's half the fun. It's meant to be taken in good humour. In the Digital Age, Facebook is an important staple by which people document their lives, achievements and grievances with the world. We can connect with those near and far, meet new people and reconnect with old faces. Facebook can be great, unless you run into any of the ten below:

The Babybooker:
Maybe it's because I don't particularly ''like'' children, but I dread seeing these people come up on my timeline. The doting mother and fathers who simply have the cutest little child in the world and will ''break hearts''. I relish the days where children's progress was documented by a good ol' disposable camera and a camcorder. These have been replaced with phone photos of their children doing the most mundane activities, and shared with people, to delicately put it, really couldn't care less. It's maybe also down to my personal preference of preferring solid photos that could be special and looked back on with awe, instead of shared with strangers on the Internet. The worst thing I've ever seen put up was a photo of a used potty from some doting, probably well meaning mother, but, just no. *gag*.

The Life Quotes girl:
We all have this girl on our timeline, I'm sure of it. Look at this girl's profile carefully, any statuses that's put up is usually washed away in a midst of ''meaningful'' life quotes, that are so generic, with a sunset background, of course. What's a meaningful quote without a sunset photo? I ask you. I find these to be patronising and meaningless, especially when said girl, does not live by those words. Marilyn Monroe is her icon, she believes karma is the answer to everything, and loves a good sunset. She's been through every struggle humanely possible. 

Don't even bother with meaningful quotes if it doesn't have a bitching sunset background.

The Whinger:
Thankfully, the whingers don't come up so much on my timeline, as they have been smartly unfriended for my own sanity. These people are never happy or satisfied. They will always find something to mope vaguely about, usually about things that can be easily fixed, like hunger. Why bore us all with your dramas? Which you never bother to elaborate on because ''It doesn't matter </3'' or ''It's nothing to do with you!'' Then, don't put up a vague status about it. A fascinating sub category of The Whinger is the ''Won't somebody please think of the children?! mother'' The mothers who find a way to get offended about everything in life as it might damage their frail child's psyche. I've noticed a neat trend of The Whinger, the more
 vague statues that go up, the less people 'like' them and comment. If you want to stop The Whinger, the answer is pretty clear.

The Angry All Day, Everyday:
Similar to The Whinger in vagueness and attention seeking. The Angry All Day, Everyday, is on a constant rager, and she wants you to know. The '':@ face'' and Caps Lock is his/her bread and butter. They love to splay their dramas, usually with boys, fake friends or their inability that they ''just dnt knw who 2 trust nemoree...:(''. It's no use trying to soothe them, you will rile them up and it's just no use. It lacks class and dignity. That being said, I have met some Angry All Day, Everyday's in person, and for a fraction of those encounters, they are quite calm and lovely. However it's something about Facebook that turns them in to a cute ball of hatred. 

The Friday/Monday announcer: 
This person works like clockwork. On Sunday evenings and Monday mornings, the feel compelled to tell the world how ''they are dreading work'' and ''don't want the weekend to end'', with the odd ''fml'' thrown in for good measure. Friday evenings are a completely different ballgame, with 5pm ''TGIF!'' statuses taking over the timeline, they then tell us how absolutely hammered they plan to be. It's the constant bi-weekly same statuses that get me, and the fact we all have a calender. Not to mention, just because it's Monday, doesn't mean it'll be crap. The day is what you make it, don't make it a bad day before it even begins. 

The Politician:
These people, gah. Some Facebook Politicians out there believe they are the most sensible and clued up about current affairs as it gets. They tell you why ''their'' party is the best and will ''change everything'' and tell you why your preferred political views, or lack thereof, are awful. I find these people in real life are quite insufferable and patronising. When election season is upon us, Facebook Politicians go into full overdrive and clog up the timeline with links and the like. And by Zeus, if you didn't vote, you are worse than Hitler and double denim rolled into one, you awful person.

The Competitor:
The lure of winning free stuff is there in us all, who doesn't love free stuff? You have to be in it to win it, of course. But there are some people out there that take it too far and take up the timeline with their entries, and they more often than not, don't win jack shit. Local shop competitions are grand when it's all legit. But some Facebook competitions are absolutely absurd. The ones like ''A box of iPhones fell off a back of the truck, we, by some miracle comparable to the conception of the baby Jesus, managed to get our hands on this box, so enter this competition and win one!'' Christ, how gullible do you have to be, honestly?

The Couple:
I am a huge believer in that the less you put up about your relationship, the better. There's nothing worse than the sickeningly ''sweet'' couple that are so super close the profess their inner most feelings for each other via Facebook, gag. They're no stranger to daily couple selfies, checking in on Facebook ''my bed'' with the other half tagged. And when they aren't together, they inform the rest of us, who are absolutely sitting on the edge of our seat with excitement, of how much they miss the other. They are also the couple who are too caught up in each other that they forget their friends, and the couple who when they break up, they despise the sight of each other. What's worse than The Couple? The shared profile. Nothing screams ''I don't trust you'' more than a shared profile, and a shared mailbox.

The Gamer:
Nothing gets my hopes up more than seeing a notification on Facebook and it turns out to be a stupid game request. I think the majority of us are bombarded with requests for Candy Crush Saga, amongst others, and occasionally, the odd blast from the past, Farmville (I should really check on my strawberries from four years ago) the usually have a second profile so they can send themselves gifts. So many of us have expressed our disdain for the requests and don't answer them, so why do they keep on sending requests? Fortunately, this can be easily solved by just blocking them.

The One Like = One Prayer:
These photos are the absolute worst. I believe they exist for two reasons: to promote pointless pages and because gullible people (idiots) believe by sharing this photo, they've done their good deed for the day and they can sleep easy at night. A like does nothing, neither does sharing. If you want to actually help that bad, go out and do something, for goodness sake. It's not only the 1 like = 1 prayer, it's the ''Like to go to Heaven, ignore to go to Hell''. The people who share these photos, there's no nicer word than to describe them as idiots, sorry. Also, it's quite sick to use photos of sick children to garner useless likes on Facebook.

Well, I hope you all liked this post! It was incredibly fun to write up. :) I hope it was read in the lighthearted way that I intended. :)
Who annoys you the most on Facebook?
Thanks for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Friday, 23 May 2014

L'Oreal True Match foundation review!

Hi guys! Happy Friday! I come bearing my first beauty review in yonks. Today, I will be reviewing the L'Oreal True Match foundation. As I may have mentioned before, Max Factor's Lasting Performance has been my HG foundation for over two years now, but I sort of fell out of love with it when I started noticing some ways where it wasn't making me happy. It's a thick formula so you need to work fast with it and it was too dark for me, and it left tide marks, which is never a good look. So I went on the hunt for a better suited foundation and did my homework and came across the L'Oreal True Match foundation.

 I am absolutely loving it and, not to jinx anything, but it may become my new HG foundation. I've only been using it this week, but it has already proved to be better than Max Factor. The range for the True Match foundations is so wide that you will be able to find a suitable shade. It's also divided up into three sections: warm, cool and neutral skin tone. I looked for the palest shade in the cool skin tone category and found Ivory Rose matched me perfectly and looked quite natural on. One of the things I love the most about True Match is that it is so super easy to built upon without looking cakey if needs be. It's medium coverage, which suits me just fine, but I will build up under my eyes and some of the darker freckles I have. It feels really light on and skins in straight away. It also contains SPF 17, which feels like you have some protection on your face when it gets warmer or windy.

It's on the more liquidy side of foundations so it is quite runny. It lasted me the day and didn't need any touch ups, but the true test, was it sweat proof? I exercise everyday, so I need a foundation that will stay on my face and not run off, and yes it stayed put. I found that it can be transferred onto clothes, but it's nothing being careful and a bit of fixing powder can't handle, and it's the only real con of True Match, which is easily fixed, anyway. True Match, as it's runny, it's a big bonus that you only need the tiniest bit to do your entire face! Not even a full pump, I know that it will last me so long. Another huge pro of True Match is that it is so blendable and easy to work with, that, with the great shade match, means I don't have to blend down to my neck. The packaging is okay, it has a pump for hygiene and that you won't use too much, but it's made of glass and it can't be cut open to get the last of the foundation. I found this half price in my local chemist, which was brilliant! It's usually €15, but I scooped it up for €7.50. I would definitely buy this again! 10/10.

What are your HG products? Let me know below. :)
Thanks for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

What I'm loving lately

Hey everyone! How are we all doing on this merry Tuesday? Today I thought I'd do a post on the things I am loving and using alot lately. I hope you like this post. I will get back to my beauty reviews hopefully next week. :)

Make-up- When I got Benetint in my Benefit Groovy-Kind-A-Love make-up set, it didn't exactly wow me, but after using it with my lovely Make-Up Academy stippling brush, I am loving it more and it's alot easier to apply. A few drops of it on the apples of my cheeks, it gives off a gorgeous, rosy look that lasts all day and it completely weather proof! I use this on my lips too over a gloss (as it can be quite drying on the lips) if I want to tone it down. It's a versatile make-up product to have in your bag, but I would use it with a stippling brush as it is a tint and will dry in an instant.

Book-  I have an absolutely unconditional love for the genius that is Mr. Tim Burton. I've adored this book for ages now, but I had to share it with you guys! I love every movie I've seen that he's illustrated or directed. He can do no wrong. One of my favourite Tim Burton masterpieces is his poetry book, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. It's funny, quirky, the illustration is adorable, very classic Tim Burton, who both wrote and illustrated The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. The poems follow a similar theme of hybrid children who take the forms of food, shellfish, mummies, robots, anchors, to name just a few. These children are strange and misunderstood by those who are normal, and we get to hear in some poems of the strife the parents of these strange children feel. There are funny poems, but sad too, like, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy, Junk Girl and Anchor Baby. My favourites in this brilliant book of poetry are: The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy, Voodoo Girl, Anchor Baby and Brie Boy. If you're looking for poetry with a difference, give this gem a whirl!


Bullet With Butterfly Wings- Smashing Pumpkins

Hey Now! - Oasis

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark- Fall Out Boy

Doing Time- Avenged Sevenfold (These lads are brilliant live!)

Scent- Thierry Mugler Alien D'eclat en Spray. Courtesy of my mam who went to London and brought me back this gorgeous body spray back from the duty free. This can be used as a deodorant, but I think it's way too nice for that, so I use it as a body spray. I am no good at describing smells, so I turn to my friend, Google. Alien is a rich, floral, woody scent that contains jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber.  It has a certain spice to it aswell. In my own words, it just smells sexy (I have a way with words) very dark, deep, strong, not too feminine nor masculine. I think it's best worn on a night out.

App- For you fitness fiends out there, or novices wanting to lose some weight, but don't have too much time on your hands. Seven is a fantastic app I am after coming across just very recently. For a full body circuit that only takes seven minutes, this app has kicked my ass. It's intense and be prepared to sweat. You can adjust how many circuits you do, to suit your own schedule. The exercises include: jumping jacks, wall sit, push-ups, crunches (I still can barely do), step-ups, squats, triceps dips, plank, high knee running in place, lunges, push ups with rotation and side plank. It really works the stomach muscles, and you will feel the burn, brilliant! (once you get past the ''I'm dead'' phase). The one thing I am not crazy about this app is that you have to pay for additional exercises that focus on separate areas like arms and legs. You also have to pay for an instructor instead of a voice over, which are: Drill Sergeant, Kung-Fu master, Cheerleader and Hippy, ah well. Fantastic app otherwise!  

What are you loving lately? Let me know below. :)
Thank you all for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My Top 5 Rimmel Products!

Hi everyone! First, before I get into my post, I apologise for my absence on the blogging scene. I have hit major writer's block, an incredibly dodgy laptop (I had to finish this blog on my iTouch, how depressing.) and a lack of funds and has stopped any major buys that I could review for my blog. I am staying in Dublin in June to see Trivium live (can't wait!) and I am saving for money to spend up in Dublin, and I plan to get my hands on some really nice products to review for the blog, so look out for that. Also, exciting news, in September, I am starting my travelling and heading to Paris, aaaah! I will definitely do a blog post on that. It's shaping up to be a very exciting Summer! 
Onto my post, I thought I would share my favourite five Rimmel products with you guys. I adore the Rimmel brand so much. It's great quality make-up that is cheap as chips and I think it's a fantastic brand for those who are just starting experimenting and venturing into the world of make-up. It has everything you could possibly need, and it's a brand that is constantly evolving and improving itself.

1) Stay Matte pressed powder.
As someone who suffers from Shine Face, especially in photos, this brilliant powder is really something I couldn't live without in my make-up bag! The minute it goes, I trot out and replace it straight away. As a klutz, believe me when I say it has survived many drops on the ground without breaking up, perfect. I get the lightest one and apply it all over my face using my kabuki brush and I stay shine free all day! It feels lovely and light on, which is great especially during the Summer. €5.99

2) Kate Moss lipsticks.
Of course these lipsticks would make the list. I feel they are constantly featured on my blog as I love them so much (I have 6). They suit all skin tones, so there is something for everyone. They are long lasting, fade evenly, highly pigmented and feel great on, plus they smell gorgeous. I really hope they never discontinue these lipsticks, I would be devastated! €6.49

3) 1'000 Kisses lipliner.
A key product for me when I am in the mood to do bold, red lips. I have the 1'000 Kisses lipliner in 'Red Dynamite', put together with the Kate Moss 01 Lasting Finish lipstick, it creates the perfect red lip look. A red lip look can be hard to do right and it's important to use a reliable lipliner as a base. It adds extra security against fading and adds shape. The high pigmentation and hard precise nib makes it easy to create a lovely red lip. €4.99

4) Lasting Finish nail polish.
As cheap nail polishes go, I trust Rimmel's Lasting Finish nail polishes the most. It does what it says on the tin, I usually get just over a week with Lasting Finish, so it's fairly chip resistant. It applies evenly and dries quickly. My favourite is in 'Black Cherries', which is a gorgeous, vampy dark purple shade. I use it quite alot. €3.99

5) Lash Accelerator mascara.
My perfect, everyday mascara. It lengthens perfectly and darkens quite nicely. It separates lashes and defines. It dries quickly and really opens up your eyes. The great thing about this mascara is how easy it is to remove. A quick glide with Micellar water does the trick. It lengthens really well so it looks natural. It lasts all day and doesn't clump or flake. This mascara can be built up to two or three coats if you want to and doesn't give off that horrible spider lashes look. I love it! €9.99

Thank you all for reading my blog and I apologise again for my absence on the blogging scene.
What are your favourite products from Rimmel?
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)