Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My Style Inspirations

Hello everyone, How are you all doing today? Today I thought I would write a bit on who I consider to be my style inspirations. I love fashion, so I was really excited to write this up! I should say before I get into it, that I never copy or try to mimic anyone else's style, or try to dress like them head to toe. What I like in clothes comes from my own choices, but the people I mention in this I take some tips and ideas, such as colour, fit, what to wear with what, embellishments, patterns and fabrics. So let's get into it!

The Malfoy family.

Probably an odd choice to some and not an obvious style inspiration, but I love how Harry Potter's pure blood wizard family dress. I especially love how formal their style is and their clothes are mainly black and they fit the actors to amazingly well. They look classic and fabulous. If I could get away with walking around with a cane with a snake head on it, I would! 

Frances Bean Cobain.

Only child of Nirvana singer, Kurt Cobain, and visual artist and model, Frances Bean Cobain. I love everything about Frances' style. Her fashion sense is unique and quirky. Her style mixes everything from the 90's, gothic, graphic tees and street style. She's an absolutely gorgeous person and her make-up and hair always look so well done, yet effortless. I love it! 

Dita Von Teese.

Dita Von Teese, burlesque dancer, model, designer, and entrepreneur. This woman is.my.queen. I just absolutely adore her so much. She has influenced my love of rockabilly clothes and wearing formal clothes as casual wear. I have never seen Dita dress casually, and I love that. She clearly takes so much pride in her appearance and always looks flawless. Dita is always making the Best Dressed lists and many of her clothes features amazing corsets. As I have naturally dark hair, and very pale skin, I look up to Dita alot for make-up and style inspiration. She is perfection. 

Leanne Woodfull.

Dublin blogger and one of Ireland's best known bloggers, Leanne Woodfull. She is by far, my favorite blogger ever. She is the reason I got the guts to start blogging and take better care of my appearance. I adore her style so much. It mixes together the 90's, the 50's, rockabilly, retro and has described her style as ''Courtney Love meets Morticia Addams''. Leanne has such a unique and out there style, which she makes look very wearable. Check out her blog here. :) http://thunderandthreads.blogspot.ie/

Thank you all for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful evening. :)
Who are your style inspirations?
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)


  1. I like the way you've taken bits and pieces and ideas from a huge variety of places, but are by no means a copycat! I'm the same: can't stand to be the same as everyone else!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment :) my style isn't just one type, it's a bit of everything really, so I have taken inspiration from different places. I couldn't copy anyone's style, way too unoriginal and quite embarrassing.