Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Make-Up Academy Brushes!

Hi guys, happy Tuesday! How are you all doing today? Today, I want to write about the online make-up and tools shop, Make-Up Academy's lovely brushes. Before I went and bought these brushes, I went looking for a blog post on the brushes. To my surprise, I couldn't really find any! Which surprised me, as alot of beauty bloggers do love these brushes, so I thought I would do a review on them myself. :)

In the past, I have been more than content to use whatever applicator came with my make-up, but in the past while, I've really been wanting to improve upon my make-up skills, especially with my eye make-up, so I thought I would invest in some nice, pretty, proper brushes!
 I got five brushes: an eyeshadow brush, an eye contour brush, an eye blending and shadow brush, a concealer brush and a stippling brush. I use the eyeshadow brush to apply shadow to the lid of my eye, the contour brush to apply a darker colour to the crease of my eye, the blending and shadow brush to well, blend (quel surprise), the concealer brush to apply concealer under my eyes and on the odd blemish, and the stippling brush to add a polished finish to my foundation, remove any streaks and to apply blush/highlighter. I know a stippling brush is best used to apply foundation, but I am so used to using my trusty Eco Tools foundation brush. Maybe over time I'll get used to a stippling brush for foundation.

I was so impressed with the look and touch of these brushes, considering they are so cheap! The paintwork on the handles are lovely and shiny and has a really nice professional look about them. The brushes themselves and lovely and so so soft, yet sturdy and firm. I was worried if they'd shed quickly, but I've been using these brushes for a week now, and I can already tell they're going to last me a long time. The quality is fantastic and they are really well made. I've mentioned in one or two posts before that I have wanted to improve on my eye make-up skills and the three eye brushes have really helped with that! It's given me alot more confidence to experiment with eye make-up and my skills in applying it have improved, and I enjoy doing it now!
The price of the brushes are absolutely amazing! You can't hope for more inexpensive brushes for quality so good. Everything on the site is cheap as chips, and I really cannot wait to try more off the website as soon as I can! The five brushes plus delivery came up to £15.78 or €18.89, amazing! They also do the odd deals and discounts and free delivery with orders of €30. The delivery took seven days, which wasn't so bad, but I am very impatient, haha. If you want to get anything off the MUA website go here: http://www.muastore.co.uk/ :)

Thank you all for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)


  1. I have the MUA F6 Countour Brush and I wasn't very happy with is because it was flimsy! But it looks as though the rest of the brush collection they have is good so I'll maybe give their brushes another go!

    1. Ah that's a shame. :( I was thinking of getting the angled contour brush, but I changed my mind, the rest of the collection are great. :)

  2. These sound great for the price!

    1. The really are! I was so impressed by the quality. :)