Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lush gift set- My Fair Lady

Hi guys! It feels so good to be back blogging let me tell you! I have been sooo super busy between my birthday, setting up my new camera, courtesy of my amazing sister Ray who unexpectedly bought it for me, I was so shocked! I am working 6 days a week for the next two weeks, so I haven't been big on the blogging scene, and I have really really missed it. For my birthday, my boyfriend got me a gorgeous gift set from my favourite shop- Lush. I am made up with it! So I thought I would review it. Photos were taken with my new camera- the Nikon L820, who I've named Lady.

Lady and I

My Fair Lady gift set

The gift set came with six lovely products: Buffy buffing bar, Charity Pot Lotion, Miranda soap, Turkish Delight shower smoothie, Olive Branch shower gel and Tiny Hands solid hand moisturiser. All in a vibrant, gorgeous hatbox. I loved all of the products in this, however I wish the Olive Branch shower gel and Charity Pot lotion was bigger as I simply adore them!

Buffy buffing bar- My second favourite product in the gift set. The Buffy buffing bar is a exfoliating and a moisturising solid bar in one. It includes ground rice, almonds and ground aduki beans, which helps buff away dead skin and leaves skin soft and very very smooth and makes skin look fresher. It also includes cocoa and shea butter to hydrate and moisturise, leaving skin velvety smooth, that you don't need to apply lotion afterwards. It smells beautiful and I adore rubbing this on as it feels like a massage almost, and in sinks in so well. I will definitely repurchase on its own! 10/10.

Charity Pot body lotion- My favorite product in the gift set, and favourite body lotion, ever. There is so much to love about Charity Pot! First of all, 100% of the profits excluding VAT, goes to good causes, so you can smell good while doing good, which can be said about everything in Lush, to be honest. Charity Pot is the most delicious smelling thing, ever. Like chocolate or raw cocoa butter, mmm. I do wish it was a bigger pot as I love it so much, next time I go to Lush, I will purchase the bigger pot. It's completely non greasy or leave any residue and it sinks in so fast you can put on your clothes straight after. The smell stays on so long and you can still smell it on your clothes, which I personally love. 10/10. 

Miranda soap- A deliciously fruity smelling soap, perfect for the Summer and mornings especially. Miranda soap is a versatile soap that can be used on hand or in the shower I do sometimes, or in the bath. It cleanses and brightens the skin as well as adding a beautiful fruity, yet subtle fragrance. It includes fresh kiwi, coconut oil and bergamot oil, as well as ylang ylang and juniper berry. As I used this soap more, I notice a slightly grainy texture, which turned out to be ground up kiwi seed, fantastic for exfoliating. However, I do think it has that drying feeling normal soap has, which I don't like, so I'm not too sure if I would repurchase. 7/10.

Turkish Delight shower smoothie- I'm not big on rosy, floral smells like Turkish Delight, but it was not so overpowering that I still liked it. However, I would not purchase this again. It had a mousse like texture which was awkward to work into the skin and I did find it had the typical soap drying feeling which I didn't like. Turkish Delight includes neroli oil. cocoa butter, Turkish rose. almond oil, and jasmine. 5/10

Tiny Hands hand lotion- With the cold weather and in work shifting boxes and I do get dermatitis in cold weather on my hands, I need a decent hand lotion to nourish, hydrate, something to soften dry cracked hands. Tiny hands really delivers. It includes cocoa and shea butter, Argan oil, and aloe vera. It really softens my hands and hydrates them and takes away the dry feeling and the look of dry skin. However, I wish it was compact for on the go and it takes so long to set in. 8/10.

Olive Branch shower gel- Again, like the Charity Pot body lotion, I wish it was bigger because I loved it so much. Strong smelling with masculine notes, it smells beautiful and men could wear it too. The Olive Branch includes organic olive oil, vine leaves, sea salt, fresh mandarins and bergamot oil. It's based on the Mediterranean diet. The olive oil comes from a Palestinian/Isreali collective, so it's supporting a good cause. The olive oil make skin feel really soft. The mandarin notes are really refreshing and fresh. I do wish it was a bit thicker and less runny in consistency, but I would repurchase. 9/10.

Altogether, I love this gift set! It's the perfect gift for your friend, girlfriend, sister or mother. especially if they love Lush. I really recommend it! Sorry about the lack of blog posts lately, but I hope to be back to normal this week, blogging wise. I have loads of blog reading to catch up on too. 
Chewy gets use out of the gift set too. :)

Thank you all for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)