Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Beauty Wishlist!

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all doing well as always. :) As a beauty lover, I have a long list of products I need to have in my collection, and I fawn over for months and months, that if I came into a sum of money, these would be among the first things I'd buy. Most of these have been on my list for months and months, and have not left my list because of the cost, and I can find cheaper dupes that do the job, but I would still love to get my hands on these. These are just a few from my list that stand out the most. :)

Irregular Choice Flopsy's.
The number one thing that is on my list. I have been absolutely besotted by these shoes for around a year now. I have probably wrecked my friend's heads by now just obsessing over them! They are over €100 and very hard to find. But look how pretty! I would never take these babies off. Even to bed. Perfection in a pair of shoes.

MAC Face and Body Foundation.
Max Factor lasting Performance is my absolute Holy Grail foundation, and I'll never cheat on it again. But I got my make-up done for my boyfriend's graduation, and I absolutely adored this foundation on my face. I used NC15 on my face, the palest shade the make-up artist had, and it brought me up, 2 shades darker. that will tell you how pale I am! Yet, it seemed to match my skin tone absolutely perfectly. It lasted untill 3pm and still looked great at 7am after a night of drinking! I would definitely save this for special times and going out. I just wish I could justify the €37.50 price tag. :(

If you've being reading my blog, you'll know how much I absolutely LOVE POREfessional. See here. It's a hefty €34, buuuuut, I got fantastic news last week. I finally got a part time job! Yaaaaay! :D So, out of my first wages, I am treating myself to POREfessional! In Benefit Tullamore, you can get the full tube of POREfessional, a mini That Gal primer and a mini It's Potent eye cream, for the same price, so I have that put by, after months of just looking at it and wishing. Celebrate with make-up. ;)

Sticking with the Benefit theme, Browzings also made the list. I've gone to a few Benefit masterclasses and events, and Browzings is always used, and not only does it make such a difference to the eyebrows, it changes your face! It's €35 but it lasts two years. There's an eyebrow wax and a powder to set the eye brows in place, a pair of tweezers and two angled brushes. I would love this in my collection soon! 

The last Benefit product on the list. I got a small sample of this along with Gimme Fever in the Groovy Kind A Love set. I loved it, especially with my pale skintone, it suited me down to the ground. It's a long lasting, soft pink blush that gave a gorgeous look of radiance to the face and it can be built up to achieve your desired effect. It had golden undertones with a lovely subtle shimmer. There's something so beautiful about the Benefit blush boxes, all of their packaging is beautiful, in fairness.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.
The last on my list. A product that I'll probably never get. I really cannot justify the price at €44. I could find plenty of high street dupes that could do the job just as well. The claims on this moisturiser are just absolutely fantastic and it seems like it would be perfect for my skin type during the Winter. The Clinique moisturiser claims to be light, effective, really hydrate skin, make skin radiant, amazing for sensitive skin, and last a long long time. I can't see this coming off the wishlist anytime soon. :(

As always, thank you all for reading. Let me know below what is on your wishlist. :)
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)


  1. Those shoes are sooo cute! I've tagged you for the Would you rather TAG and it would so much fun if you had time to join in

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    1. Aren't they beautiful? :) Thanks for including me, I can't wait to do it :)

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  3. Great blog, love the background! I have definitely got my eye on Benefit's POREfessional.

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  4. Oh how I wish I could afford benefit, they are just such amazing products but pricey too!

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