Thursday, 12 December 2013

Bourjois Cream Blush

Hi guys! I hope you are all well. I am finally in the Christmas mood, so I'm pretty jolly! I can't wait for Christmas and give my friends and family their presents, it makes the stress of Christmas shopping worth it. :) I am really happy to write this blog too, I have finally found my Holy Grail blush, yay! It is the Bourjois cream blush in Rose Tender, and I love everything about this blush, it's perfect for me! I have actually had my eye on this for two months, but I was saving everything I had for Christmas, so I put off buying it. After a very successful Christmas spree, I had more left over than I expected, I treated myself to it, and a Bourjois Colour Boost lip crayon which will be reviewed soon too. An added bonus, when I bought the two, I got a free make up bag. :)

I have really fallen back in love with the Bourjois brand, the quality is fantastic, the packaging is beautiful, a good price for what you get, it's so well worth it, they are one of the top make-up brands on the high street in my opinion. I got this shade in Rose Tender. It's a beautiful warm pink with a golden undertone with tiny gold flecks, very subtle, but gorgeous. I would recommend this shade for the paler girls, it can be built up to achieve how dark you want it, or if you're going for a barely there look. It warms up a pale face, without it being garish, it really suits me.
 The packaging is great aswell, you press a tiny button in and it opens and a magnet closes it, so it doesn't open in your make-up bag and break and ruin your make-up, which some of my blushes have been known to do. It's a cute, small pot, with a small little mirror on the inside, making it easy to pop into your bag and use on the go. I love that the texture is smooth and creamy, but once it goes onto the skin, it changes into a powder, making it super handy to blend. Once it goes on your cheeks, it doesn't feel like you have anything on at all, it feels like a second skin and it gives a nice, healthy and natural look. It looks great in both natural and artificial light. It doesn't look powdery or ashy, either, which some blushes in the past have made me look. I used this over Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, and they look fantastic together.  
When I first used it, I was a small bit confused as to how to put it on to the skin, a blush brush or a foundation brush? I tried both ways, I found that a blush brush was easier as it gave a more even and more coverage over all. It seems that I will get a long time out of this blush. This originally cost €9.99 at my local chemist, but it turned out to be €3 cheaper, so I paid €6.99, brilliant! The range altogether has four shades, which doesn't seem like alot, but the four shades are so different and diverse from each other, they should suit most skin tones.

(The blush looks darker in artificial light, but lighter in natural light)

I am really happy that I have finally found my holy grail blush, and you really get what you pay for in this blush. Hats off to Bourjois. Their products never fail to make me happy. I will definately repurchase, 10/10.

Thank you all so much for reading,
stay fab xo
Kim. :)


  1. such a gorgeous shade!! I seriously need to try these blushers :) xx

    1. It really is, I love it! You should, it's fantastic :) x

  2. That looks gorgeous! I'm always a bit wary of blusher as I don't really want the "clown" look, but I'll definitely give that shade a try :) x

    1. I'm glad it could sway you. :) that's the great thing about it, that it's buildable :) x