Friday, 20 December 2013

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon

Hi guys! I hope you are all doing well. Can you believe it's Christmas in less than a week? Aaaah, the excitement! I'm busy this week and next week, spending time with family and friends, so in the spirit of that, this will be my last blog untill after Christmas, I'll probably be back with a Christmas haul of some sort. The photos for this post besides the lip swatch, was found online, the lighting was absolutely horrendous. I hope to invest in a camera out of my Christmas money, so hopefully blog photos in the future will be of better quality. Anyways, on to the blog. :)

Since Clinique introduced their Chubby Sticks, alot of make-up brands have caught on to the hype and released their own version of lip crayons. Not being able to afford anything Clinique, ever, I had my eye on the Bourjois lip crayon for a while. When I had the bit of extra money, I treated myself to it. I also got the Boujois cream blush, which I reviewed here, and I got a free make up bag with that, bonus. Truth be told, in the chemist, I swatched the Clinique Chubby Sticks and I really preferred the formula of the Bourjois Lip Crayon, it seemed less sticky and more pigmented, and obviously more wallet friendly. I decided to go for the shade Fuchsia Libre, a vibrant pink, I think it makes a gorgeous lip colour for special occasions, like weddings or christenings, or if you are feeling quite girly. I have most dark lip colours, and I thought this would make a pleasant change. 

I really love this lip crayon! I love the formula, not sticky, gloopy or drying and it feels light on the lips. It's really pigmented and it really suits my skin tone. I think those pinks suits the paler girls and I was really happy it didn't make me look clown like. I'm not a huge fan of pink make-up, but I love this alot. I have chronic sore lips, a few hours without Vaseline, my lips will be very sore, so before I put any make-up on, I put on Vaseline first under my lipstick. this lip crayon ''ensures comfort and hydration for 10 hours''. The colour also claims to last for ten hours aswell. I have to say, that this is a really hydrating and moisturising crayon, so I don't have to apply Vaseline as much, which is a huge factor for me, but the glossy effect doesn't last for ten hours, maybe two hours, but if you reapply, it's grand.

The colour also doesn't last for ten hours either, I always take the estimated time that it will last on the packaging with a pinch of salt, it's always an exaggeration, but I knew it wouldn't last so long, I mean come on, our lips go through alot in a day, talking, eating, what have you. ;) At a stretch, it lasts six hours, which isn't bad at all! It claims to be waterproof aswell, which I found to be quite true, so far. I'll get to test that when it's beach weather, which should be aaany day now. *ahem*. Another huge plus with this lip crayon is the added SPF 15! You think you wouldn't need it in this weather, but the harsh cold winds can burn or dry out your lips, and this stops that from happening, making it suitable for Winter time. The first time I used this, it was quite hard feeling to apply, but once you use it, it's super nice and easy to glide on. As the pigment is great. you only need one coat. The texture is nice and creamy and silky, It feels soft and hydrating as you apply it. 

Wearing the Bourjois lip crayon in Fuchsia Libre 

In conclusion, I really love this lip crayon, and I would definitely repurchase this again. At €10.49, it is slightly expensive, but compared to the Clinique chubby sticks, it's the better option in my opinion. I love the hydration it gave, the pigmentation and the formula. If you really want to get a Clinique chubby stick, I would recommend buying this Bourjois lip crayon or something similar first from another brand, to see if you like the formula/application. I give this a 9/10. :)  

Thank you all so much for reading,
I hope you, your friends and family all have an amazing and peaceful Christmas, and a very happy New Year. :)
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Monday, 16 December 2013

Quick Post - New Tattoo, The Weekend, And A Plea

Hi guys I hope you are all well. :) I thought I'd just do a quick little blog to show off my new tattoo, and tell you guys about my weekend. Let's just say, this year has not been my favourite at all, and I cannot wait to see the back of 2013! It took a crap turn near the end of the year, but the weekend just gone by, has been the best I've had in ages and it has kept me in the festive spirit. I feel alot more positive. :)

This was a tattoo idea I had in mind for a year and a half now. Usually with tattoos, I keep it in mind for a year or two, to see if I would still want it, and feel the same way about it, so I know I won't regret it. It says ''Normal is an illusion, what's normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly''. Said by none other than the beautiful Morticia Addams. This is on my ribs and the pain was an 8/10, it killed. It's the most painful place to get a tattoo, but it was so worth it! I could handle the pain though, and I know any future tattoos I get, won't be as painful. I had a fantastic tattoo artist aswell, he kept me talking and it really took the focus off the pain, and he had it done quickly enough, around a half hour I would say. Absolutely pleased with it! :) 

I was with my da for a good chunk of the week, so on Friday, we decorated the house for Christmas, and I think we did a pretty good job on the tree, it was fun to decorate the house with him, and it definitely had it's funny/stressful parts, but I adore our tree, especially the little glass snowman and reindeers. :) I spend more time with him on Sunday too, he, myself and my sister sent out for a Chinese, my favourite takeaway ever, yum. My da and myself are both big into history, so we watched a film on Hitler's last days in the bunker, Anthony Hopkins portrayed Hitler very well, I have to say. :) It was a lovely change  to just chill out compared with the big Christmas rush. :)

I got to see my wonderful James this weekend too, I've only got to see him three times over the past 5 weeks. :( So I was really excited to see him. He stayed in my house on Saturday night, we watched Anchorman and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and just got to be with one another, I really missed him. We went into town on Sunday afternoon and checked out the Christmas market in Tullamore, which wasn't great, not a great variety and overpriced. It was amazing to see James though, I was very happy as I missed him so much. :)

I had a fantastic weekend, however I was saddened to learn this. As an animal adorer, this really made me sad and upset. I love all animals including bunnies and rabbits. I urge you all to refuse to buy angora and please please, please sign this petition, and share it around. No animal deserves filthy, cramped conditions, or to be used for their fur. If it's one good deed you do today, let this be it. It only takes a second. I'm happy that ASOS and H&M are not selling angora products anymore, but I am beyond disgusted at Zara. I have decided to boycott the place altogether. I hope you will all take the minute to sign the petition. If you do, I thank you, and so will the bunnies. :)

Thank you all for reading. :)
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Bourjois Cream Blush

Hi guys! I hope you are all well. I am finally in the Christmas mood, so I'm pretty jolly! I can't wait for Christmas and give my friends and family their presents, it makes the stress of Christmas shopping worth it. :) I am really happy to write this blog too, I have finally found my Holy Grail blush, yay! It is the Bourjois cream blush in Rose Tender, and I love everything about this blush, it's perfect for me! I have actually had my eye on this for two months, but I was saving everything I had for Christmas, so I put off buying it. After a very successful Christmas spree, I had more left over than I expected, I treated myself to it, and a Bourjois Colour Boost lip crayon which will be reviewed soon too. An added bonus, when I bought the two, I got a free make up bag. :)

I have really fallen back in love with the Bourjois brand, the quality is fantastic, the packaging is beautiful, a good price for what you get, it's so well worth it, they are one of the top make-up brands on the high street in my opinion. I got this shade in Rose Tender. It's a beautiful warm pink with a golden undertone with tiny gold flecks, very subtle, but gorgeous. I would recommend this shade for the paler girls, it can be built up to achieve how dark you want it, or if you're going for a barely there look. It warms up a pale face, without it being garish, it really suits me.
 The packaging is great aswell, you press a tiny button in and it opens and a magnet closes it, so it doesn't open in your make-up bag and break and ruin your make-up, which some of my blushes have been known to do. It's a cute, small pot, with a small little mirror on the inside, making it easy to pop into your bag and use on the go. I love that the texture is smooth and creamy, but once it goes onto the skin, it changes into a powder, making it super handy to blend. Once it goes on your cheeks, it doesn't feel like you have anything on at all, it feels like a second skin and it gives a nice, healthy and natural look. It looks great in both natural and artificial light. It doesn't look powdery or ashy, either, which some blushes in the past have made me look. I used this over Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, and they look fantastic together.  
When I first used it, I was a small bit confused as to how to put it on to the skin, a blush brush or a foundation brush? I tried both ways, I found that a blush brush was easier as it gave a more even and more coverage over all. It seems that I will get a long time out of this blush. This originally cost €9.99 at my local chemist, but it turned out to be €3 cheaper, so I paid €6.99, brilliant! The range altogether has four shades, which doesn't seem like alot, but the four shades are so different and diverse from each other, they should suit most skin tones.

(The blush looks darker in artificial light, but lighter in natural light)

I am really happy that I have finally found my holy grail blush, and you really get what you pay for in this blush. Hats off to Bourjois. Their products never fail to make me happy. I will definately repurchase, 10/10.

Thank you all so much for reading,
stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Monday, 9 December 2013

The Winter Tag!

Hi guys! I thought I would do a quick Winter tag to make up for my lack of  blogging lately. I have to say, I absolutely adore Winter! I love everything about it, The cold, the snow, shorter days, hot chocolate, cosy clothes and oversized jumpers, and of course, Christmas! :D I tolerate the cold alot more than the heat. I am heading up to Dublin tomorrow to do my Christmas shopping, I've saved everything I've had for two months and now I can't wait to spend all around me! I hope you all like this tag. :)

(Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...)

Top 2 Winter beauty essentials?
Lip scrub and a decent moisturiser. My skin goes dry in the Winter. Without either of them I would have dry, flaky, irritated skin.

Top 2 Winter fashion essentials?
A decent coat, it's worth investing in a proper one to get you through the years. Thick black tights, they are absolutely essential, and it's easier to wear more clothes, like skirts and shorts.

 What shoes do you tend to wear the most in the winter?
Shoe boots. For height, comfort and warmth. My Vans are my babies though, so they get out of the house too.

 Favorite Winter accessory?
It's a toss up between my snood and my beanie. Stylish, warm and snug. I wear them out mostly, and they go with everything.

Favorite Winter nail polish?
This is typical Kim. Either black or burgundy.

Hot chocolate or apple cider?
Hot chocolate by a mile!

Favorite winter candle?
My Bartlett Pear Yankee candle and my Glade Winter Berries one. It has snowflakes on it. :)

Snowboarding or Skiing?
We do neither here in Ireland. :( I'd be more willing to try snowboarding.

Have you ever gone Ice Skating? Are you any good or do you fail miserably?
I have only gone normal skating. I actually wasn't too bad at all. It's just a matter of getting used to the blade.

Does it snow where you live?
I think that Ireland is a season behind on the rest of the world! We do get snow here, sometimes loads! I love it. It usually snows between December and stays frozen untill February or March.

Have you ever made a snowman?
I made some with my da when I was little, I made snow angels and had snowball fights too. Truth be told I'd still have snowball fights and make snow angels. :)

What holiday do you celebrate?
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St.Stephen's Day and New Year's Eve.

Favorite Christmas song?
Fairytale of New York and Walking in the Air. :)

Favorite Christmas movie?
I'm not really a fan of Christmas movies as much as I love Christmas, but Mrs. Doubtfire is usually on around Christmas, and I love that movie. 

What is your favorite winter treat?
I love some yule log, and picking sweets out of the Heroes and Celebrations box. ;)

If you were to ask Santa for one thing and you were guaranteed to get it, what would it be?
Enough money to move out, travel the world, start my own business and set my friends and family up for life.

Do you have anything fun planned for this Winter?
I do and did! I went to see Avenged Sevenfold and Five Finger Death Punch live in the o2 Tuesday with my best friend! They were so amazing, I moshed and screamed my heart out, one of the best experiences ever! I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow. I am going up to see one of my best friends I don't get to see so much, we'll go out and get merry. ;) and I'm seeing another one of my best friends and her girlfriend on St.Stephen's day. I can't wait! :D

(Oh Josh...)

(I make a mean hot chocolate)

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog, it was fun to do! Feel free to steal it for your own blog.
Thank you for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)

Sunday, 8 December 2013

My Daily Skincare Routine

Hi guys! :D I am so, so, so sorry this blog has come a little late! However, my mam's house got internet, so yay! But I was with my da for a good chunk of the week, and the internet there is down :( but hopefully my blogging schedule will be a little less hectic. Anyway, onwards to the post. :)
Luckily for me, I am a disciplined person, and I adhere to routine fairly well. I know not everyone is the same, but for myself, I think having a solid face cleaning routine is so important for maintaining your skin, and fingers crossed, slowing down the ageing process, and prevents breakouts. This is my own routine and I do it twice a day, in the morning and at night. Just find what works best for you and try your best to stick to a routine, even if it's just once a day. Consistency is the key here. :)

I should add, along with this routine, most days I do an hour and 20 minutes of walking/jogging, which keeps skin looking fresh and healthy, I eat alot of fruit and drink water and green tea like a camel, and started taking my multi-vitamins, which really is great for the skin and body. I have normal to combination skin, it goes very dry in the Winter and tends to be oily during the Summer, with the odd annoying breakout on my chin, so I try and find products that suit my skin and won't irritate it. 

Micellar water - A pre-cleanse.
There has been a big big buzz around micellar water on the blogging scene and one of my favourite bloggers ever The Imperfect Beauty wrote a review on the L'Oreal Paris Skin 3 in 1 Perfection water and gave me the push to try in and see if it lived up to the hype surrounding it, and I love it! I have been using it religiously ever since. I will be doing a review on this soon. It's a cheaper dupe of Bioderma and Dermalogica. Its job is to dissolve make-up, unclog pores, remove impurities, tone and soothe skin. And it really delivers! I squirt a little bit of the water on to a cotton pad and sweep it across my face to remove any trace of make-up and I give it a minute to soak in to my skin before I cleanse. 

One of the most important steps in my skincare routine in my opinion. Now that we are into Winter, I have switched over from the light feeling Lush's Aqua Marina and using Clarin's Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Shea Butter, which I reviewed in great detail here. It's more richer and thicker and leaves you feeling alot more hydrated and a godsend for dry skin, so I love it! I use this at morning with cold water and at night with warm water, I take a blob the size of a pea in my hands and spread it all around my face and massage it in circular motions for a minute or two and wash it off with water and gently pat it dry with a clean towel. 

Some people may say this is an unnecessary step in the skincare routine, but I really disagree, I love this step. It really cools down and soothes my skin after cleansing or a face scrub, refreshing my skin and it removes anything blocking my pores and removes any bit of make-up that I may have missed, and it makes my skin look fresher, healthier and softer, so it's really an all rounder and a staple in my routine. I really couldn't be without it. I use the cheap as chips at €2.88 Garnier Clean And Soft toner for dry and sensitive skin, and it works absolutely perfectly for me. I squeeze a good amount of this on a cotton pad and wipe it all across my face and leave it for a minute to absorb into my skin, much like I use the Micellar Water.

 Even if you don't want to bother with the other steps in a skincare routine, at the very least lash on some moisturiser. It's a vital step. It creates a healthy barrier between your make-up and your skin. It restores, adds life, hydrates, adds all that goodness to yours skin, makes it super soft, every girl, and guy, should put it on the face twice a day, especially during the Winter, it will protect you against the elements like rain, wind, and the freezing cold. We are always buzzing off somewhere, and it can take a toll on our skin, so don't forget it! Like the cleanser, for the Winter, I switched over to a richer, thicker and more hydrating moisturiser, Simple's Kind To Skin Replenishing Moisturiser, and I love it. I recommend the Simple brand for the skincare novice, it has everything for skin you possibly need for a really reasonable price, then you can gauge yourself what you should and shouldn't be using. It's all about experimentation, and consistency. I put a thin layer of this all over my face and wait at least 10 minutes before I start with make-up.

Face Scrub.
A scrub a dub dub. This isn't a step I would recommend for daily use. Once a week, or twice if your skin needs some extra loving, as it will dry your skin and strip your natural oils if used daily, not something I would want to chance with someone who has dry skin. It's an extremely beneficial step though. It removes dead skin cells, any flakes, softens, and brightens, your skin will look fantastic afterwards. I use Lush's Ocean Salt which I reviewed here. I use this once or twice a week depending, usually at night time or a day I am not wearing make up so any redness that will occur has time to subside, I especially avoid using it on days I wear make-up, I don't want to feel like I'm putting 101 things on my face, after all. I use a generous amount and massage it into my face for a few minutes, focusing on problem area (my chin), wash it off with cold water, gently dry with a towel and use some moisturiser to calm it down and soothe.

Face Mask.
Again I use a face mask only once or twice a week, but I don't see the harm in using it more than that. A mask is an extra nice treat for your face, especially if you're stressed, if I'm stressed, I know my skin will show it. Depending on which mask you use, they generally get breakouts under control, repair, brighten and soften. I used Lush's Love Lettuce and The Sacred Truth, the latter truthfully, wasn't for me in the end. I am heading up to Dublin and of course I set money aside for Lush. ;) I am hoping to get Mask of Magnaminty to control my chin breakouts, fingers crossed it works! Let me know below if you have tried it! I slather this all over my skin and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and gently wash it off and follow up with some moisturiser. I cannot recommend Lush enough for skincare. I really can't.

Spot Control.
I'm lucky in the way of spots. They only come with stress (unfortunately I've had that by the bucketfull lately). You can try all the lotions and potions you want, but after plenty of trial and error, I have found that nothing works better than... good old fashioned toothpaste. Yes, your mammy was right after all. A paste formula works better than a gel formula. Pop some on your new friend overnight, the toothpaste will dry it out, calm redness and dry it out, and in a day or two, it's gone!

I'm sorry again about the hectic/late/lack of posts, new living situation, new routine, it'll take time. I didn't mean this to be so long winded either, haha!
Thank you all so much for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim. :)