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Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Shea Butter

Hi guys! Are you all having a good day? :) I'm doing my first beauty review in a few weeks on the Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter. Like I mentioned in a previous review, I needed a change of skin products for the Winter, as my skins tends to dry up really badly because of the harsh weather, I love the cold weather, it doesn't love me, unrequited love. </3 Anyway, this cleanser claims to take away make up, unclog pores, while maintaining skins natural moisture balance, leaving skin soft and smooth, and neutralising the drying effects of hard water, according to the Clarins USA page. After using the cleanser for almost a month now, I can the these claims are completely true! 

First, let me talk about the smell. Oh my god. It smells absolutely beautiful. Buttery, nutty, like raw cocoa butter, chocolately, due to the shea butter in it, aaaah. The smell lingers aswell, amazing smelling stuff. The texture is thick and rich, very creamy, perfect for Winter, you know just by the texture it will really hydrate your face. I feel the packaging could be more practical, I wish it had a pump so I could get more out of it, but it's grand, because I will cut it with a scissors and scrape out the last of it, to get my money's worth. ;) A little really goes a long way with this cleanser, I had a Clarins cleanser before, at 75ml, it lasted me from June untill September, this cleanser is 125ml, so I know I'll get months out of it! When I went to buy it, there was noone at the Clarins counter, so I bought it at the main counter, so I got no free samples to try out, as I had before, wah. :( At €21.50, I did my research on it beforehand, and I think the results and the longevity, it's well worth it, but a few free samples would have been nice, too. 

Something you would want to take into consideration when buying a cleanser is the ingredients, the less chemicals the better. This cleanser is best suited for dry and sensitive skin, and it has some really nice ingredients in it. Shea butter, which protects, nourishes and regenerates the skin. Pro vitamin B5, that helps preserve the skin's natural moisture balance. Katafray bark extract, which prevents moisture loss. Tamarind fruit acid, eliminates dry skin, blocking pores. Cottonseed, leaving soft and smooth. Bio-Ecolia, also prevents moisture balance. Lastly, it has an ingredient which shouldn't be in a product for dry and sensitive skin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, the ingredient that helps it to foam up. SLS has been known to dry skin with prolonged use, and worsen skin conditions like hypersensitivity. I use this every morning and night, wetting my face and using a small blob, massaging it deeply into my skin, leave it for a minute and wash it off and pat it dry. It foams up somewhat, but not alot, which I really like, and it leaves no residue on the skin. The results were great, my skin was left glowing, soft and supple, moisturised and hydrated, without making my skin oily! The dry weather has not affected it at all! I absolutely love it! I would definitely repurchase this. However, it was not absolutely transforming, I wish it had gotten rid of my stress spots too, but I found Micellar water got rid of those, but it never said it would prevent spots, so that's grand. 
(Cleanser swatch)

When using this, it feels very soft and gentle on the skin, and when patted dry it feels soft and hydrated and moisturised, it feels like there's a protective barrier on your skin but it doesn't feel heavy or anything like that. Your skin can tend to look quite dull during the Winter, and I feel this cleanser brings it back to life and makes the skin look radiant. Another plus with the Clarins cleanser is that it is quite good at removing make-up! However, I'm quite meticulous with my skin cleaning routine, and I don't like the though of make-up left behind and clogging my pores, so I use L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution beforehand to take away make-up, which I will absolutely RAVE about in an upcoming post! 
I love this cleanser so much, I will definitely repurchase this, it's perfect for Winter, it does exactly what it says on the tin! The addition of SLS and I wish it would have gotten rid of my stress spots, I give this a well deserved 9/10, I highly recommend it! 

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked writing it, 
Thank you all so much for reading,
Stay fab xo
Kim :)

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